Boosting your productivity during Holidays using these Tips

Have you ever found yourself working during the holiday season? How was that experience? According to some of us in the employment sector, working during the holiday season comes with many holiday-related distractions.

At the same time, recent surveys have pointed out that professionals are more productive when working during the holidays. If you ask, it would probably be because working during the holidays motivates these professionals to work smarter to receive compensation later.

In the meantime, you might be looking forward to turning every day, including holidays, into productive days at your workplace. Here are the trending 15 tips to boost your team’s productivity during the holidays. It doesn’t matter if you work from a central workstation or home.

1. Trim your to-do list

You have overestimated what you can accomplish at the workplace and later failed to achieve some targets at some point in your life. This failure often frustrates you as you see it as a sign of a lack of progress. The trick here is to set a shorter and more realistic to-do list that will leave room for interruptions and unexpected projects.

2. Avoid multitasking

If you ask your team members, some of them will probably tell you that multitasking helps them achieve their daily set limits. But the truth is that multitasking can drain their mental alertness and slow productivity. The recommendation is to focus on one task at a time.

3. Welcome reinforcements that come your way

Sometimes your team might be falling behind while everyone else is productive and efficient. Don’t shy from asking for support. You can also consider hiring contract professionals, a cost-effective way to relieve overworked core workers and meet the rising business demands.

4. What is your productivity prime time?

What time of the day are you more alert and productive? That is the time to tackle the challenging and critical assignments.

5. Use a ‘Don’t Disturb’ sign.

When it’s time to work, you should not entertain any form of interruptions. So, you will significantly boost your productivity if you sign out of social media and turn off your phone. Also, you can post a ‘No disturbance’ sign at your office’s entrance.

6. Break down projects

From experience, we know that big projects can be intimidating, often leading to procrastination. So, when tackling big projects, break them down into manageable and smaller tasks.

7. Use project applications

Nowadays, we have numerous software designed specifically to help you and your employees meet deadlines, be more organized, and monitor projects, thus increasing productivity. Take advantage of such apps, including Focus and Evernote.

8. Restrategize your meetings

Did you know that sometimes attending too many meetings in a day can hinder you from achieving your targets? Since you now know, reduce meeting times by approximately 25% to help yourself and your juniors to focus on their tasks.

9. Prioritize your health

Ensure you get adequate sleep, exercise regularly, and eat healthy foods. You might find it difficult to concentrate on your tasks if you fail to balance these three healthy habits.

10. Do you monitor your online habits?

Whenever you search for something online or read industry reports, keep your focus on your target search. Maintain your online discipline by avoiding tempting links, shopping online, and attractive posts.

11. Tidy up and organize your desk

Scrambling to find documents and files is one area we have observed employers and employees regularly waste their precious time. To avoid such time wastage, we recommend that you report early or stay late for clean sweeping your desk one day. You can then train yourself to invest some time every day to organize your workstation habitually.

12. Take a break

It’s not a surprise that we often get solutions to some work’s challenging problems when we focus on non-work issues. You and your team can achieve more if you take a break. So, don’t be afraid to take a walk and get some fresh air to recharge.

13. Change how you respond to emails.

The chances are that you and your team members always read and respond to emails the moment they arrive. We are telling you that this isn’t the best practice. Avoid reading and responding to emails immediately they arrive. Instead, identify specific times during the day for checking your inbox.

14. Learn to say ‘No.’

We understand that sometimes you are exhausted and cannot handle an additional assignment. Although you are building your reputation as a team player, saying ‘no’ at times saves you from being a doormat in the process.

15. Appreciate yourself occasionally

We have come across surveys that pointed out increased productivity among individuals who appreciated their successful hard work. So, we would recommend ordering a take-out dinner, going for a run, leaving work early, or even patting yourself on your back.