How to Be Found by Recruiters on LinkedIn

Principally, LinkedIn has brought about several advancements in the employment industry. LinkedIn is an excellent social platform where recruiters can quickly discover you whether you are an active or passive job seeker. Primarily, this happens if the recruiters can find you.

The following are some of the essentials or tips of ensuring you are utilizing LinkedIn to the maximum:

1. Think Strategy

First, you should always carry out your research effectively. The survey involves activities such as checking out the profiles of other people having a similar profession, sending invites to new contacts, and following companies that interest you. When using LinkedIn, it is imperative to implement all these aspects to create your strategy.

Moreover, your plan should ensure it helps you to build robust networks in the process. Besides, you will progress your skillset through your LinkedIn network. Furthermore, it will help you to stay on top of the various trends in the industry, meet, and engage mentors who can enable you to access multiple resources.

2. Show Up in Searches

LinkedIn requires that you ensure that your profile has an updated resume. You should add all your skills, certificates, industries, education, and software to your profile. It is necessary to update these things because they are keywords that recruiters use when probing for prospective candidates. Aligning all your experiences and skills is an exceptional rule of thumb that you should always effect when using LinkedIn. Moreover, “Consistency is key,” as noted by Lead Executive Recruiter’s Nick Burns. Therefore, you should always ensure that your resume corresponds with the content you have provided on LinkedIn.

3. Be “Clickable”

Essentially, the first impression is everything in the recruitment industry. Most notably, the first impression is vital in the current trend whereby social media has taken a leading role in promoting professional skills and experiences. Similarly, it is more important than ever to have an eye-catching headshot. Regrettably, a majority of people will come up will all kinds of judgments about you by just viewing your profile picture. Therefore, you should ensure that you have an appealing profile picture to create an excellent first impression on potential employers or recruiters.

4. Show Off Your Portfolio

Usually, creative people know the importance of having an admirable portfolio. However, your creativity should ensure recruiters could spot your commendable portfolio on your profile. You should insert your portfolio link within your contact information to ensure that it is easily visible. Usually, your contact information is found at the top of your profile, particularly near your professional summary.

5. Stay Active

Before applying to a position, you should always carry out your research by skimming through the profile page of the company. For instance, many companies maintain their LinkedIn pages, whereby they display their culture and share their content. Therefore, you will be able to know about different companies if they do a fantastic job in their profile pages. Therefore, this is a significant way of staying engaged with companies that you dream about working for in the future.

6. Market Your Experience And Skills

You should always ask people to write recommendations for you and to endorse your skills to improve your credibility. With just one click, your capabilities can be supported easily. Written reviews from others, probably companies, employers, or persons you previously worked with are considered as recommendations. The review can also be known as a “mini” letter of recommendation that you can always showcase on your profile page for prospective recruiters or employers to see.

7. Turn Your Signal “ON”

Lastly, you should turn on your signal to notify recruiters that you are currently unemployed and open to new challenges and opportunities. You should click on the “Career Interests” button that is found beneath the “Job” tab on your LinkedIn profile. You can fill your information concerning the type of position you are targeting after turning on the tab. You should also indicate where you are at in your pursuit and the kind of job titles you are open to.