How to Prevent Fashion “Disasters” During Job Interviews

How you look defines who you are, especially when you are going out for an interview. Maintaining excellent physical appearances play a crucial role in sending a strong message before uttering a word. During an interview, your physical appearance should do the talking to help you earn that job position. Understanding physical appearance and its benefits help you avoid fashion mistakes most applicants do when preparing for interviews.


When growing up, we are taught different physical hygiene practices, such as keeping our nails short and brushing our teeth after meals. The same is vital for a job interview where you prepare intensely to land that role. As to become different, you get the best clothes and cut or color your hair to maintain excellent physical appearance. Intrinsically, you are likely to spend hours ensuring you look presentable to your prospective employers.

Yet, you need to ensure all these are done during the interview. Avoid showing up with over a one-week-old haircut, unkempt nails, or bags under the eyes. Even with adequate qualities and qualifications, you are plausible to fail the interview. Your physical appearance will tell a different story about you, no matter how prepared you are.

Over the years, you have the know-how to dress appropriately during an interview to portray a strong impression that also builds your confidence. However, it is essential to avoid overdoing it, especially when applying too much cologne, makeup, and perfumes. Strong smells are a turn-off to your recruiter during an interview and likely to deny you the position. Ensure you take care of things that meet the standards, and the same goes for hair and makeup. Keep yourself clean, neat, and professional before and during the interview.

Dress Code

Different jobs have varying modes of dressing, but most require standard dress codes. Men should have a clean shave, wear business suits, and clean shoes. Women wear slacks, blouse, sensible shoes, and an optional blazer. Notably, the clothing may vary based on professional hence vital to keep an eye on your dressing when going out for a given interview. Have at least one professional outfit always ready for a meeting.

For instance, law professions often require candidates coming for an interview to dress like a lawyer for a chance to land a job. Contrarily, other careers such as the tech industry allow potential employees to wear less official clothing but decent wears. Learning how to dress for a given interview is crucial. However, understanding dress codes for specific professions is more important to avoid showing up with unpresentable and awkward wears.

Bottom Line

Every profession requires personnel to show up with particular wear that quickly defines them. If you are unaware of what to wear, learn more from the internet or consult people working in the industry, you aspire to build your career. If the wears exceed your budget, hit thrift shops to acquire professional clothes at reasonable prices.

If you are unable to buy a decent one, find a tailor as they are also affordable, and deliver tremendous official clothing. Never ignore services from tailors are they are worth your money, especially when your budget is tight. Whether you hit a thrift shop or hire a tailor, you are guaranteed modest clothing that defines well your physical appearance during your interview. The rest is left to your qualifications to land that dream job.