Video Explains: How to Find Jobs in Canada (If you live outside of Canada)



Hello fans! You might remember me from my previous video about Canadian Visa Categories.

Since that video, many of you commented on our youtube channel asking: “How did you Find a Job in Canada as an Immigrant?

And that’s true! As an immigrant myself, I have gained critical knowledge of how the system works.

But how exactly do we do it?

Simple! By providing a custom-tailored Online-Service (thorough our website), specifically oriented towards clients who not only wish to “merely” apply for a job in Canada, but rather get one too!

Our Online Service Includes:

  1. North-American Style Resume Development
  2. Use our Resume builder to build a highly-engaging Resume that will get the attention of Hiring Managers
  3. Featured Resume – Your Newly Built Resume is Permanently Featured on our website (for the duration of your Membership) and is Permanently Searchable by Recruiters & Hiring Managers looking for qualified candidates such as yourself
  4. Your Very Own, JobSeeker Dashboard (Manage Recruiter Contacts + Interview Requests through our dashboard)
  5. Get Found by Top Recruiters Browsing our site
  6. Get connected to hiring managers and recruiters (after you log-in to your profile)

With our service, you will be able to “Tap into the hidden job market in Canada”

And what hidden potential do you possess? You’ll never know, unless you Create & Publish your North-American Style Resume with us!

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