Jumping from Uni to the Real World

Jumping from Uni to the Real World

Life after graduation at a university can be a challenging and exciting period. There is a lot to do, now that you are at least qualified for one job. If you are lucky, you can land a job at the same firm you went to for your internship. Another option is to continue with education and get that Masters Degree to stand one step ahead of bachelor graduates.

On the other hand, you can use this period to travel the world and experience life in different ways. Since everyone has their unique goals in life, the next step after you leave uni should be something you want to decide on your own. Here is a brief look at the two main areas you need to focus on for a seamless transition from university to the real world.

Friendship and networking

It is difficult to maintain contact with your high school classmates, let alone your childhood friends. When you are done with university, people will go in different directions. Most move back home, some get employment, and others travel to different places. Just like your high school friends joined various universities, your pals will move in different directions.

You may try to maintain contact with your friends, but you will naturally lose some. More importantly, you will meet new people and make new friends in life. Understanding this can make the transition from uni to real-life swifter. You should focus on creating new relationships and acquaintances that may be of help in the future. This does not mean you forget every meaningful relationship you had throughout campus. Simply open yourself to the idea of meeting new people and making new connections. After all, it is these connections that will help you get a job. You already have the links from university, and now it is time to make some real-life connections too.

Employment: Finding a job

The new friends and networks you make can help you find a job. Usually, following graduation, most expect to land the perfect job with a hefty paycheck. However, as you will soon realize, in the real world, you join every step at the entry point. Leaving high school as a senior, you join the university as a freshman. It is the same way as you enter new phases in life.

Although it is essential to have big ambitions, you should remember to set reasonable expectations. For instance, you can learn new things by working a job that you do not intend to do in the long-term. It could be a stepping stone to your next target. Since you are a graduate, you can apply to firms you think your skills are applicable.

Meanwhile, do not pass on other opportunities to learn new things or do different jobs. You can even volunteer and use that time to gain experience and make new friends. This could be useful one day in your resume.


While no one has the perfect plan for jumping from uni to the real world, it is essential to have a general idea of what to expect. Many graduates leave campus unaware of the changes that will take place and how those changes affect their relationships and focus moving forward. Learning about friendship, networking, and employment opportunities can help you skip the many hoops most graduates fall beneath.