Overcoming Anxiety: Self-help Tips for Newcomers

Anxiety and immigration are closely related. Most immigrants experience hardships when settling in a new country. If you are facing this temporary challenge, know that you are not alone. Your anxiety levels will gradually come down when you start to become acquainted with the culture, values and environment in the new land.

Causes of anxiety for newcomers

Below are the most common causes of anxiety to newcomers in Canada:

Finding an adequate job

Most federal skilled worker class immigrants become anxious after learning that they have to update their qualifications in line with Canadian standards to enable one to secure a job. Most of them contemplate going back to their home countries due to anxiety.

Overcoming the language barrier

It is stressful and for an immigrant to be unable to communicate in the majority’s language. Even though free lessons of the language may be offered in some countries, the learning process can be a stressor in itself.

Culture shock

At times, immigrants come from countries where value systems are different from those of Canada. Parents with young kids are more so affected when it comes to disciplining their kids.

Getting used to the weather

Canada is among the world’s coldest places. Immigrants who arrive in the country during the winter may find it challenging to adapt to the weather, which hinders them in achieving their set goals.

Missing social support

Immigrants also lose the support network they were used to in their home country. Lack of social support is a cause of anxiety for Canada’s newcomers.

Going through financial challenge

Financial challenges pose a significant headache to immigrants. If one fails to secure employment in the new country, the money they brought from their homeland becomes depleted, making it hard to live comfortably. Being turned down by prospective employers adds to the stress.

Anxiety multiplied

Being in an unfamiliar land brings anxiety. Immigrants have also to get a driver’s license, open a bank account and look for accommodation in the new country, which adds on to their anxiety.
Tips for dealing with the anxiety

Know the cause of anxiety

Find out what is causing you anxiety to help lookout for solutions. Anxiety should not be ignored since it can cause other health complications.

Make a to-do list

Keep a “to-do” to help you avoid feeling overburdened by responsibilities and forgetting crucial things.

Keep trying

Keep moving forward and never stop trying to learn about the new country. Seek professional help where needed to help reduce anxiety.

Celebrate lessons learned

Even if you have not found employment after some time in the new country, look back at the simple things you have learned, including finding your way to places and you will realize that you have well spent your time.


Seek opportunities to work as a volunteer to enhance your chances of securing a job. Volunteer opportunities also help in meeting new friends and get used to the workplace in the new country.

Surround yourself with positive people

Avoid the company of people who make you feel anxious. Hang out with people who encourage you and are positive about life.

Start writing a journal

Write a journal to share what makes you anxious. This will help give clarity as you move along. Reading the journal after you have settled will bring a smile on your face. Reading inspirational books also helps reduce anxiety.