Top 5 Careers in Canada in 2020

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating impact on all industrial sectors. However, it has created opportunities in some industries. For example, social distancing and movement restrictions have compelled consumers to turn to digital solutions. That said, many companies and businesses are focusing on reviewing their online offerings and speeding up access to tools that enhance the consumer experience and take advantage of the available consumer data to study consumer behaviour and how to anticipate their needs and preferences. That said, top talents in the tech industry will continue to be in demand for the near and long-term future.

In-Demand Skills in the Technology Industry

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Leaning Expert

According to tech-industry analysts and commentators, customer-centric automation solutions will be in demand in the future. There’s more to customer-led automation than just robotics. It also includes AI and machine learning (digital algorithms that adapt to different situations based on experience). In fact, the demand for AI and machine learning professionals has increased by 85% in 2020. Acquiring such a skill can be a lucrative aspect of your employment pursuit.

2. User Experience (UX) Expert

When it comes to user experience, two sets of skills come to play: web designers and site engineers. The former’s job description entails the creation of intuitive, user-friendly eCommerce websites. At the same time, the latter is responsible for providing reliable websites: providing technical solutions to issues that may hamper excellent UX.

The two occupations have different job-search metrics because they require applicants to have both software and hardware skills. Therefore, the employment market for “user experience specialists” has a large pool of professionals with varied skills and knowledge.

3. Data Engineer/Consultant

Data scientists and consultants provide digital data security and privacy services. They also offer storage solutions. In data consultancy, a tech professional organizes, analyzes and interprets a continually increasing volume of critical data.

The demand for talents in data science in the tech world was still high even before the coronavirus pandemic. Currently, businesses and companies are shifting their focus on establishing digital operations in the Covid-19 tidal wave. In the process, data specialists have particularly caught the attention of employers.

4. App/E-Learning/Computer-Game DevelopersWeb developers and job applicants with web development skills have enjoyed a stable job market for a long time. The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the economic and social conditions, and consequently, consumers’ preference for mobile devices and online shopping. That has positively disrupted the job market for web developers, making it the top tech occupation in the industry. Some of the sectors that will highly welcome web developers include e-learning, computer gaming, and mobile app specialists.

With the high turnover of innovative products in the industry, job search applicants with web development skills will remain to be a moving target for most talent hunters.

5. Cloud-Based Engineers and Administrators

At this age, when businesses are looking for software-based solutions for their data storage and security needs, having skills in cloud-based storage is an added advantage for starting a career in the tech industry. Hence, specialists in back end storage capabilities will continue to grow at the same pace as for those with skills in front end functionality. In most cases, front end solutions depend on the capabilities of server storage, making cloud storage a lucrative opportunity for tech-savvy job applicants.