Top Employment Possibilities in Radio

For a long time now, radio has been one of the most popular media outlets in the world. You can listen to your favorite radio station while you are at home, work or even when you are on the road heading to a particular destination. Do you fancy working in radio? Well, there are limitless possibilities that you can explore, and it all depends on where your passion lies. The most common thing that you can be is an on-air personality, but there are also other opportunities that may be available in different departments or offices.

Here are some of the things that you can do when you are working in radio:

Writing Promotions

If you are a ball of energy and full of new, fantastic ideas, you can apply for a job in the nearest radio station’s promotions department. In radio, promos and splitters (the ads that a radio station uses to promote its various programs) are always in demand. If you land the chance to work in promotions, you may also be given the responsibility of organizing the contests to be held by the radio station in different times of the year. You might have to engage in them, and distribute the gifts.

Creating Ads

Ads in radio are written by the creative individuals. If you deem yourself as one of the most imaginative people alive, you should try working in a radio station’s creative department. There, you will work hand in hand with those in the promotions and production department to create the content required for the advertisements.

Making Sales

Facilitating sales is one of the most fascinating jobs that you can get in a radio station. As a member of the radio sales team, you will be selling different commercial spots on radio. You can also report for the station especially if you are enthusiastic about current events like news. One of the great things about this employment possibility in radio is that it gives you the chance to interact with the locals, learn and also understand their culture.

Are you thinking about working in radio as a broadcaster? You can call your dream college and inquire the radio broadcasting courses they provide, and the various entry requirements. At the same time, you should talk to prominent persons in radio to know about the most marketable skills and what you can do to hone yours to perfection.

What it’s Like to Work in Radio

As you plan to start your career in radio, remember that there is more competition in the field today. The government department that controls Canadian broadcasting systems, The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), has made it much easier for owners to merge radio stations, reducing the number of job opportunities available. If you are not exceptional and aggressive enough, you might have no place in radio, even after undergoing years of training in broadcasting, and creating other relevant content.

To make it in radio, you can begin by working in small radio stations, and later on move to larger markets after acquiring the necessary experience. Your starting salary may not be much, but it is easy to get better-paying opportunities as your career in radio progresses.

Working in radio will require you to be zealous and have remarkable communication skills. On top of that, make sure that you capitalize on your unique personality so as to stand out.