Why Working From Home is Better Than Working from an Office

Why Working From Home is Better Than Working from an Office

1. Spend more time with your pets
Working from home allows you to spend more time with your pets which can alleviate stress and keep loneliness at bay.

2. Feel like your own boss

You can set your own working patterns and be in control of your life.



3. The comfort of your own home

Your home is much more comfortable than some random office although combining your personal space with your work one can cause problems for some people.

To protect against this, you could work in a separate room of your house that you don’t normally go in and get out of the house on evenings for social things and so forth.

The pros of working at home definitely outweigh the cons.

4. Peace and quiet when you need it

If you are in a crowded office, it is hard to block out all of the background noise which can distract from your actual work. If I am at home I can adjust my music as I like and enjoy peace and quiet when I need to.

5. Never feel like the boss is looking over your shoulder

You can go on any social networking site you want at home without fear of the boss’ wrath. In the absence of a micromanaging boss, you will do this a lot less than you used to so you will get more work done.

6. Working from home actually makes you more social

As you are at home most of the time, the need to socialise is more which can lead to a better social life.

7. Complete control over your setup

You can get your equipment just the way you like them and become more comfortable and productive.

WAKING-UP-IN-THE-MORNING-8. Wake up later; start earlier

There is no commute involved with remote working so you can pretty much work anytime you want.

9. Listen to your tunes as loud as you want

You can listen to your music as you see fit which is not possible in a crowded office.

10. Less stress

You can reduce stress, be happier in general and more productive when working from home as you can set it up any way you like.

So what do you think? Tell us why you think working from home is or isn’t better than working from an office.