Working at Golf Club is the Best Summer Job for College Students

Sports are becoming the number one job provider, especially for the youth. If you are an energetic, hardworking college student, you don’t need to go to camping and have a “party after party” open season moments to have fun during the holiday. You can choose to enjoy your vacation while doing what you love most and get paid for it.

If you’ve always loved sports, how does getting paid $170, 000 a month to gain hands-on work experience at a competitive world of sports sound? Besides giving you a leg up on the sport you love most, you will gain a valuable skill set for your dream job as well as equipping you with inherent personal attributes such as can-do attitude, exceptional communication and analytical skills, excellent decision-making skills, and demonstration of enthusiasm that will make you stand out in the crowd.

Let’s get into a few inspiring ideas on how you can turn your love for sports into an exciting summer job.

Apply for Work at Hockey Camps and Schools to Gain Competitive Edge in Your Future Career

If you love Hockey, why not apply to work for a fast-paced summer hockey school? Such opportunities can provide you with the much-needed college course credits, especially if working in sports is your dream job. Working in a hockey school or camp will prepare you with skills necessary to work in any sports management firm, providing administrative support, coaching, participating in marketing and social media campaigns, making pitches and stories, just to mention a few sports-related opportunities.

Your time spent at the hockey school can prepare you for a plethora of sports jobs. It will open unlimited opportunities in the world of sports. Whether you want to be a coach, event manager, production assistance at an international sports network, a marketing manager, or umpire, only your area of interest will limit you. Ready to go for the gold and gain valuable experience to add to your resume? Apply for a hockey job this summer!

Working at Golf Club is the Best Summer Job for College Students

Did I mention that you can earn an average of $37,537 to $50,800 per year while working in a decent golf club? Okay, not for a summer job or intern but as a golf pro. As a wise Chinese philosopher once said, a journey of a thousand miles starts beneath one’s feet, so does starting a golf career by working during summer in a Golf course.

If you’ve been dreaming of becoming the next Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus, spending quality time on the green should be your goal thid summer. Besides, if you want to fly with the eagles, stop swimming with the ducks. Let Dick and Harry rush to the beaches with the girls but go out there and learn from the likes of Jordan Spieth, Dustine Johnson, and the group.

Lifeguard or Swim Instructor Positions

Do you have the desire to serve others, fulfill community needs, protect everyone, and above all, have a love for swimming? You should probably apply for either a lifeguard or swimming instructor position this summer. You will probably be required to have one or two certifications and some skill set, but these two summer jobs will give you an opportunity to combine the love of water with making an extra buck. If you have the training for the two posts, you can work in areas such as private and public swimming pools, summer camps, recreational faculties, beaches, etc.

Work with Indoor Sports Facilities

If you are into sports, but you feel like taking a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday outdoor life, you still have a number of indoor sports facilities you can work for. Take, for instance working at health and fitness centers, bowling alleys, pool, among other indoor jobs. You can work as a maintenance guy, sell tickets, waiting for customers, or assist in administrative duties. With a first aid certification, a self-driving and can-do attitude, and excellent communication skills, you stand a high chance of securing a job in any indoor sport facility.

Working on Retail Stores that Sell Sports Equipment.

For a college student, working is a retail store is another opportunity for learning valuable insights about almost all the games in the sports industry. You will be able to get first-hand information about the different equipment used for playing various sports. With access to that kind of valuable information, you can learn how to start or manage a sport. The tips you will be getting from generous clients will go a long way to boost your finances. The number of retail stores you can work is unlimited, just consider your favorite stores and submit your application.

As seen above, holding parties and going to the beaches aren’t the only ways of having a great summertime. You can productively spend your summer vacation by turning your love for sports into money making opportunities. This way, your pockets will be full, you will be richer with valuable skills and knowledge, and most importantly, you will spend your days doing the things you love most.