3 Online Networking Secrets for Millennials

As the saying goes, “Trends come and go, but style endures.” Networking as a method of establishing new connections with people who are not related to you is nothing new, but it has recently seen a significant shift in style. In recent years, Millennials have shown a growing preference for engaging with people via virtual spaces, as opposed to the time-honored practice of meeting in person. They begin communicating with one another or establishing a relationship online before ever physically meeting; in some cases, they don’t even end up meeting one another in real life.

Given the abundance of different types of social networking websites, younger generations are more likely to prefer online networking to attend formal gatherings to build professional relationships. One may use the people they look up to, like, and admire via social networking to encourage them to advance in their career field. This is a completely professional relationship, so there is no personal conversation or sharing of interests.

However, it’s important to remember how frustrating forced networking can be. We’ve compiled some suggestions for things to keep in mind when building your online network.

The role of social networks in the digital lives of Millennials is exceptionally significant.

1. Bidirectional Communication

This is just a give-and-take relationship. Both parties share the desire to advance in their careers. Therefore, it is always important to keep in mind that what goes around, comes around!

The more you go out of your way to assist a contact in your network, the more favors will be returned to you in your hour of need. Don’t simply idle and be self-centered, all right? You should begin making relationships everywhere and anywhere, and assist as many people as you can. Be open, tell them what you think or how proud you are of what they’ve achieved, and join as many of their activities as you can.

2. Look for a Mentor

As a result of the growth of social media platforms, it is now possible to communicate with people whose professional accomplishments one admires. You have the option of either directly reaching out to them or sending an invitation to connect in order to seek professional assistance and guidance. Make it clear that you would benefit from their advice and that you’d appreciate the opportunity to converse with them over coffee to learn more about their professional journey.

3. Open to the Possibility of Multitasking and Community

Joining an online community where you may meet like-minded people via forums, podcasts, workouts/training, or offline events is the best way to get your networking off to a good start. Due to the similar interests, this tactic may be a major benefit to introverts as it reduces any discomfort and encourages them to warm up to making a few connections. In addition, the majority of them (millennials) are married or have children, which means leveraging on a common bond, which is parenting.

Set up regular social events, like play dates for the kids, to get to know each other better on a personal level and improve both your personal and professional relationships and networks.