No-Brainer Ways to Improve Productivity and Reduce Stress

You’ve probably heard the phrase work smarter, not harder, before. It refers to the common misconception that working late hours and early morning with no breaks is the true measure of Productivity which could not be further away from the truth. Our bodies can only go so long without rest and replenishment. We are multi-faceted beings that often suffer under the grueling pressure to limit ourselves to one work area for monetary gain.

Here Are A Few No-Brainer Ways To Improve Your Productivity By Working Smarter

1.Train Faster Typing Skills

We have all probably wondered if we can type as fast as our colleagues, who seem to have the typing game in the bag. The answer is yes; you can type as fast as your colleagues with time and practice. You can also learn to use some shortcuts that will save you time and energy, increasing your average Productivity. The best part is that once you learn something new, you can never unlearn it.

The first step to increasing your typing speed is to check your typing speed using tools like Ratatype. Numerous online typing games help you improve your typing; take advantage and spend a reasonable amount of time practicing.


2. Come Up With To-Don’t List

Yes, you read that right; a to-don’t list is just as important as a to-do list. To-don’t lists help you stay aware of habits that often distract you from reaching your true potential daily. Using a piece of paper, jot down any habits you realize are not serving your greater good, like endlessly and mindlessly scrolling through social media and procrastinating.

3. Use The Tools Available To You Wisely

Free productivity tools are an absolute lifesaver when you know how to use them properly. Managing your expectations when first using these tools is important because it might take a while to get the hang of them. Soon enough, you will not even think about it; you will use the tools as muscle memory. It might help you learn faster if you use separate tools for different purposes.

4. Keep learning and networking

Learning does not end when you walk out of school; it is a lifelong process that will help you advance in many areas. The best way to keep improving is by looking at your resume and identifying new areas you can expand in for better prospects in the future. Skills that can complement your existing ones are always a good choice.

Furthermore, keeping the right connections will often save you years of hard work, so work on creating meaningful and advantageous connections in the industry. In such connections, you will also be motivated to level up and be of some use or benefit to your connections, so it is a win-win situation.

The Take-Away

Productivity is often guided by set goals that can be measured and timed. Before putting any pressure on yourself to be more productive, it is important to set these goals and often look at things from the grand perspective. Remember that progress is not always linear and looks different for everyone, so your journey is unique in every right. Above all else, listen to your body and take breaks when necessary; learn when your brain has been stretched to the limit. Turn off your computer and go for a walk or a swim.