4 Essential Skills to Learn During This Lockdown Period

The impact of Coronavirus led to different authorities imposing lockdowns that ensure we stay at home. Consequently, we have all the time to do whatever we need in our homes. As you stay at home, it is essential to remain productive despite the freedom you have. There is a lot of free time to create your schedule to learn new skills and use them later when the pandemic ends. Here are the abilities to try for a productive quarantine period.

Personal Skills

Other than social and professional skills, it would help if you had the expertise to develop yourself. Personal skills emphasize on determining ways of making yourself happy and, in turn, boosts your health both mentally and physically. Some of the capabilities include motivation, objective aims, and finding peace of mind. Motivation allows you to develop a desire to become successful, productive, and confident. Objective aims are essential at setting goals to achieve in life across different activities. Being content with yourself and finding peace is significant to your happiness.

Social Skills

The months we have remained indoors have significantly affected our social life, especially with the social distancing rule. Staying away from familiar people limits social interactions with friends. As such, you need to learn skills to help you improve your communication, attitude, behavior, and notably your impression. Learn standard social gestures, anomalies, and behavioral patterns. With different professional courses and mentors to help you, here are essential elements to take-in;

  • Active listening
  • Conflict resolution
  • Empathy
  • Feedback and listening
  • Relationship management

Extracurricular Skills

When at home, learn different things or activities you are better at and capitalize on them. That is, engage in extracurricular skills that empower you to discover your inner abilities. Some of the extracurricular skills to try include;

  • Read novels, biographies and short stories among others
  • Write poems or storylines that promote your imaginative skills
  • Engage in painting to express what you feel on a blank canvas
  • Attend to your hobbies when at home and learn more about them

Professional Skills

When writing resumes, we tend to focus on ourselves and highlight what makes us stand out. The stay at home rule allows you to revisit your resume and learn your best areas. The corporate world is stagnating, but your skills should not. Determine your level of expertise and learn how to improve weak areas while strengthening the positives. If you have difficulties learning professional skills, online-based training skills such as NSDC, Udemy, and eSkill India can help you. Besides, professional skills are further divided into hard and soft skills.

Hard skills include abilities learned on specific professions and include;

  • Language command
  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Wordplay knowledge
  • Self copy assessment
  • Knowledge of recent content structures

Soft skills are universal abilities learned by anyone and not limited to any profession. They include;

  • Effective Communication
  • Team induction
  • Creative thinking
  • Idea presentability
  • Leadership and management

Are These Skills Worth It?

Learning social, professional, personal, and extracurricular skills are vital for daily living, especially during this lockdown period. All of these skills are productive, interesting, and helpful when learning them. However, it would be best if you prepared to learn them to accomplish your goal. Never be demeaned by those you see on social media, try these skills, and see a difference in your life. Conversely, if you feel you have no time or energy to learn them, avoid them.