Available Jobs Opportunity During the Lockdown

The global COVID-19 pandemic saw countries go into lockdown with boundaries closed and special travel restrictions imposed. Different sectors worldwide felt the impact, which eventually affected the employment sector directly. Many companies closed down temporarily, seeing employees’ loss jobs, go for unpaid leaves, and some working from home. However, some industries require more employees during this lockdown period. Read on to find out.

Home Delivery Staff

The lockdown means many people are indoors and depend solely on eCommerce companies for supplies. For such a reason, a surge in sales experienced demand for more sales representatives to handle the rise in consumers. As such, most of these companies are looking for;

  • Delivery drivers or riders
  • Warehouse logistics personnel
  • Warehouse floor managers
  • Dispatcher teams
  • Security and maintenance staff

Support Workers and Carers

The elderly and people with lung or pre-existing problems tend to be most vulnerable to COVID-19. Such a group often need close attention and care, especially with household duties such as cleaning and shopping. If they have pets around, they may need someone to look after them until the contagion subsides. As such, they are willing to hire the following;

  • Support workers
  • Carer

Shops and Supermarkets

As many people are at home, the level of acquiring foodstuff has increased significantly. Shops and supermarkets are the last options for them. These areas are hiring more individuals to cater to a spike in food demand as well as hygiene products. Here are some of the positions on-demand;

  • Cashier
  • Floor managers or assistant managers
  • Administrative executives and accountants
  • Warehouse staff
  • Logistics and distribution staff

Health Services

The coronavirus affects thousands of exposed people at a go and with no cure at the moment. Such patients need special care hence the need for more medical caregivers. The surge in the number of infected people requires more caregivers to help them. The sector is looking for the following people;

  • Nurses
  • Phone support staff
  • Hospital safety managers


Though parents are indoors, they still work and unable to look after their toddlers during the day. Working with children may become challenging. As such, parents opt to hire someone to check on their young ones while they work. These are who they hire;

  • Babysitters
  • Au-pairs

Tech Companies

With people working from home, tech companies are looking for individuals to maintain telesales, marketing, and community on social media. With travel restrictions still in place, most people are indoors and only preferring technology as the only way to entertain, learn, or order items online. As such, many people urgently require these services. These companies are working towards meeting the drastic increase of users. Jobs available include;

  • Accountant assistant
  • Data entry staff
  • Secretarial and administrative staff
  • Telesales and phone support staff
  • A copywriter to create digital content for marketing


With schools closed, many learners have turned into virtual studies through distance learning as a substitute. The increase in demand for online learning platforms requires more tutors to help such groups. As such, the sector is looking for;

  • Language teachers
  • Core subject teachers for school children
  • Adult learning instructors

Cleaning Individuals

The current and only way to keep the infection at bay is to maintain the cleanliness of surfaces. Cleaning is vital for both hygienic and protecting ourselves against disease. There is a need for more cleaners for ambulance surface services, homes, and hospitals. The sector is targeting individuals in such areas.