Top 8 Practices to Fight Ageism When Searching for A Job

Ageism remains a significant challenge in both organizations and within the hiring system, even after the Age Discrimination in Employment Act in 1967 (ADEA) was implemented. Difficulty in proving age discrimination in workplaces is the sole reason why it still persistent today. Yet, there are ways to combat age discrimination and land yourself a job position.

Clean Your Email Address

Most people include birthdates in their email addresses to make it unique. But creating an email address with your birth, graduation, or significant year dates makes it easy for ageism. As such, have a clean email address free from any dates. Such an email address makes it tricky for your prospective employer and employees to learn your age.

Keep Your Graduation Dates Off the Resume

Dates of earning a degree or other education qualifications have limited impact on your job searches. When preparing your resume, it is crucial to avoid sharing these dates unless when providing background information. Including graduation dates won’t help with ageism, on the contrary, it can become a hindrance to landing that interview you desire.

Focus On the Details that Matters—Your CV is a Marketing Tool not a

When creating your resume, the intention is to let your soon-to-be employer learn more about you in terms of your profession. Leaving out most dates about you can raise suspicions about your resume. Besides, it also affects your professional experience, especially when you have years of experience. If you need to share more about your experience without compromising your dates, here is what to do;

  • Concentrate on the last 10-15 years
  • Express your knowledge concerning recent patterns and topics industry
  • Present your latest documents
  • Show your capability in the sector

Show The Flexibility and Ability to Adapt

Most employers prefer hiring individuals with the ability to learn, adapt, and work within tight deadlines. Additionally, they presume that older people tend to become slow, notably when it comes to being flexible to tailor into the company culture. As to deal with such instances, show you hiring managers that you are flexible by illustrating your previous adaptable nature.

Self-Development and Growth is the Key

As to stand out from the rest and prove your candidacy for the job description, you need to showcase your current skills, trends, and topics in your profession. Consequently, it would help if you learned these abilities constantly to show your employer that you are trainable and willing to learn. Intrinsically, explore more from attending conferences, reading specific books, and capitalizing on training opportunities.

Create and Use Networks

With years in your profession, you have perhaps made friends and hundreds of professionals in your field. With this, you have an opportunity over other job applicants, especially the young, to land an interview. Networking is vital as it can channel you to the right job offer in your career.

Look for Platforms to Share Your Knowledge

Let your potential employer learn your knowledge in the industry by sharing your experience all-round. Communicating your understanding builds your reputation, leading to developing your professional value. you can do this by;

  • Speaking at a local event
  • Being a guest blogger
  • Becoming a mentor to the young within your profession
  • Engaging in some consulting

Your Vast Experience is an Asset—Take Advantage of It

Experience plays a significant role in defining who you are and combat ageism when searching for a job. When you use it properly, you are likely to tell your prospective employer that you are an expert in your profession as well as a mentor and leader. It also displays the value you bring to the organization and the ability to learn new skills and adapt fast.