5 (Last-Minute) Resume Checklist Tips

Your resume speaks a lot about you even before someone reads it. Use it to create a positive impression about you to your potential employer. For that reason, before you send your resume to various organizations, check it thoroughly to ensure it meets the following items on the last-minute resume checklist.

Take time to check your spelling and proofread

Spelling mistakes are off-putting to employers. It tells them that you are not keen enough to notice the errors or you did not take your time to go through your resume in the first place. Attention to detail is a crucial requirement for many jobs. Therefore, if you do not notice a spelling mistake, it is easy for a company to assume that you are the kind of person who will miss crucial details in projects, for example. In simple terms, it means you are careless. Remember to proofread your resume as well. It might not have spelling issues but contain wording problems. Perhaps you used a word that has a spelling almost similar to another word, yet the meaning is totally different.

Get the recipient’s contact information correct

The last thing you want is your resume ending up in the wrong place or reaching the wrong person. Double-check the contact information you have to ensure it is the correct one. It should not have spelling mistakes. If you are sending your resume to an individual, confirm the spelling of his or her name. Today, people have names with similar pronunciation but the spelling could be different. You do not want to offend your future employer by getting the name wrong.

Do not forget to write an impressive cover letter

Never send out your resume without a cover letter. How will the employer know what job you are applying for? Besides, your resume might remain intact but your cover letter addresses different organizations. Come up with a well-written cover letter to introduce yourself to an employer. It should be short and straight to the point.

Say why you are writing to the company, for example, “This comes as an application for the position you advertised on your website about needing a software engineer.” Go ahead and describe your experience that makes you the perfect candidate for the job.

Ensure you have an eye-catching layout

The layout of your resume has to do with how you format it. Is it appealing to the eyes? Make sure you use a legible font and font size and print on a white paper. That way, it is easy for someone to read your resume without eyestrain. When you list your work experience, make sure the text is well-aligned for stress-free reading. Ensure the pages appear balanced and check the line spacing as well. Do not compress your sentences with little spaces in between them. Sentences stuck closely together do not look good.

Include your contact information

Make sure you include your contact information in your resume to ensure your employers reach you when need be. It would be sad if you missed a job you deserved just because you forgot to include your email address and phone number. If you do not have an email address or need a new one, creating an email account takes a few minutes. Make sure it reads official and not the funny login details you use for your social life. Use your first and last name when coming up with a work email.

With the above pointers in mind, you can deliver a resume that gives a glowing impression about you.