Are you eligible to work in Canada?

Canada has been housing and giving employment to thousands of people who have been visiting the country and then settling down here making Canada their home; and luckily for everyone treating the country like their home. If you are willing to work in Canada, there are a few simple formalities that you MUST fulfill to be eligible for work. We have summarized them below for you to understand your current situation and act accordingly.


Leave when you should

Canada is soft on you and expects the same from you. Stay honest with the country and leave as soon as your work permit gets over. Since this leniency has been exploited a lot lately, it is now mandatory to convince the officers that you will leave the country once your permit expires.

Have enough money

Next thing on the list is showing that you have enough money for yourself and your family for a safe and sound stay in the country for the duration you intend to stay.

No Criminal Record

Canada loves clean people and that is why it requires you to abide by the Canadian law at all times and have no history of criminal record. You may even be asked to produce a police clearance certificate.

Security is always a priority

First of all, this goes without saying that you should not be a security threat to the country and second of all, if at any time you are found to be a threat, you will be deported or arrested immediately.

Be healthy

At the time of your arrival in the country, you should be in good health and ready to undergo medical examination if the authorities notice anything suspicious with your health.

Work for the RIGHT employer

Canada has a list of companies and employers who you should not be working for. If you have one of those as your sponsor or employer, you will automatically be rendered as ineligible for working in Canada.

Employer restrictions

If your employer, for some strange reason, offers striptease, erotic dance, erotic massages or escort services, you will be not allowed to work in the country.

Already studying?

If you are already staying in Canada and have a study permit or if your spouse or parents have a study or work permit, then you are eligible to apply for a work permit and start working.

Studied in Canada

If you have studied in Canada and successfully graduated from a program at a Canadian university, community college, CEGEP, Public technical school or any other eligible school, then you are eligible to get a work permit to work in Canada.

Possess all the papers

The most important thing that you require to work in Canada is complete paper work. At all times, you should have all the papers that define your identity and prove your nationality. A person without proper paper work is eligible for trial and deportation.

Canada is a friendly nation that accepts everyone and has room for everyone. The rules are pretty simple and straight forward but if you fail to comply by even one, you won’t be allowed to work in the country. Therefore, it is always a good idea to check your papers before you apply for a work permit.