10 Jobs in Canada That Don’t Require a Work Permit

Canada is a lucrative job market for youngsters and settled professionals alike.

While, like any other country, most of the jobs require a work permit, there are some jobs that do not require one.

Here we have listed down 10 such lucrative job opportunities that do not require a Canadian Work Permit in order to be eligible to work.


Examiners and Evaluators

If you are a professor or an academic expert who is willing to evaluate or supervise academic projects, exams, thesis and research proposals, you can work for Canadian research groups and schools without worrying about a visa.



Emergency Service Providers

People who are willing to help in critical emergency situation arising due to natural disasters like flood and earthquake and man-made disasters like industrial accidents are welcome to work without a permit of any kind.


Convention Organizers

People who organize conventions and meetings on an international level that can benefit Canada are exempted from the work permit requirement. However, people working within these conventions like people responsible for providing audio-video aids, performing skits, building and setting up venues and so on require a qualified work permit.


Foreign Government Officers

Canada has strong ties with certain countries when it comes to work flexibility. As per these ties, Canada has exchange programs that enable government officials of different countries work in each other departments. Although this job does not require a work permit, officials intending to work for more than 3 months are required to carry a formal letter stating the same.

Judges and Referees

Canada loves culture and promotes it; and as an initiative to boost the cultural growth within the country, Canada allows judges and referees for music and dance festivals, animal shows and agricultural contests to work freely in the country.


Performing Artists

Yet another step towards promoting cultural growth in Canada is allowing artists and their support staff to perform without a need of a work permit in the country. However, there are a few eligibility criteria that must be followed. You must not be hired by a Canadian company to perform; you should not be involved in any kind of filming and movie making; and finally your performance schedule should be limited to a certain time period governed by the policies.


Civil Aviation Inspectors

Authorized inspectors who are responsible for the safety and operations of commercial airlines during international flights do not require a work permit for working in Canada.



If you are an ordained minister or a lay person involved in religious orders and your duties include preaching doctrine, giving spiritual counseling and leading worships in Churches etc., you do not require a work permit to do so.

Public Speakers

No matter if you are a guest speaker or a commercial one; you are allowed to carry out operations in Canada without a work permit provided your stay is not more than 5 days.



If you are a student of another nationality, you are free to work on the campus without a work permit. However, if you want to work off campus in an industry, you might need to do a work permit check with the authorities which depend on your nationality.


Working in Canada is highly paying and the work environment in the workplace is generally motivating. The bosses and managers are cool and understand the importance of work life balance. Also, Canada gives you enough opportunities to start and earn with your own thing and hence this country makes up for an excellent opportunity hub for people from around the world.