Canada – An Awesome Place to Live

Canada is a pretty cool place – in more ways than one. Here are just a couple of reasons why!


Canada has a climate all its own. You’ve heard of the cold – everyone has. Along with the cold, comes snow. Plenty of it. Plus Eskimo, igloos and polar bears – oh my! If you’ve lived in warmer climates, such as the Philippines, you’re sure to think that it’s downright cold all year round. But there’s also warmth, too. You’ll find plenty of beaches in Canada. The Atlantic Seaboard is one such place. Here you’ll find beautiful, unique terrain. On the West Coast, in the British Columbia area, you’ll find beaches with all the appeal of the West Coast. Just as you do in your warmer-climate areas, you can enjoy soaking up the rays and having a family picnic.



Cultural Diversity

Over the years, Canada has become quite the melting pot. It’s multi-cultural in every sense of the word. People that are looking to start a new way of life are welcome in this open-minded country. While each individual culture still has its own, unique style; they all blend together beautifully to form the Canadian Way of life. The melting pot doesn’t stop at just mannerisms and traditions. Whatever your native culture is, you’re sure to find plenty of cuisine to make you feel right at home. From cultural background, traditions, and cuisines; you’re sure to feel right at home in Canada.

An Environment Full of Serenity

The biggest draw for many is the clean, fresh environment. There is very little pollution in Canada, even in the big cities. Canada has lessened their pollution greatly by using electric-powered transit systems. The fresh air is not only good for the environment, it’s good for you! To really experience the high-quality of air in Canada, take a trip to the forest. Here you’ll not only the freshest of air, but the most beautiful scenery you‘ll ever find.

All in all, Canada is an awesome place. It definitely has a lot to offer anyone looking to relocate.