CAREER CHOICES: Fitness Instructor

Do you want to begin your successful fitness career? Becoming a fitness instructor can be highly beneficial. You will not only get the chance to interact with a lot of people but also enjoy perks like free and easy access to gyms, recreation centers, country clubs as well as universities. Besides, becoming a fitness trainer is a great way to earn a living. Research shows that in 2019, most fitness instructors made about $16.82 every hour.

Bear in mind that as a fitness instructor, your responsibilities will include leading exercise activities, plus creating and customizing different training programs. Additionally, you will be required to motivate your clients, monitor their progress, and illustrate how various gym equipment is used.

Are you ready to start? Here are the things you should do if you want to become an expert gym instructor.

Become Certified

To make your dream of becoming a renowned fitness trainer true, you need to get certified. Your clients will be more inclined to trust you when they know that you are qualified for the job. As you plan to make this happen, ensure the certifying firm you go to has been accredited by a valid and trusted independent third party. Examples of reputable certification organizations include the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the International Sports & Sciences Association (ISSA). When choosing your certification organization, you can also consider factors like if it is globally recognized, their entry requirements, cost, and whether or not you can take the exam online.

Learn the Soft Skills

Enjoying working out is not all you’ll need to make it as a fitness instructor. You must also master a few skills to help you on your career path. For starters, acquire excellent customer service skills to make understanding the needs of your clients effortless. Then, teach yourself how to give clear instructions so that your customers will be able to use the equipment safely and exercise properly. Other qualities that will come in handy in your fitness career are excellent verbal communication and active listening skills.

Find a Job as a Fitness Instructor

With the necessary certifications and soft skills, it’s time to go out there and get a job as a competent fitness instructor. Do not limit yourself to work in a few places; there are lots of areas where you can fit in perfectly. Some include personal training studios, gyms, wellness centers, local fitness clubs, and more. You can also choose to train clients every day in their homes. After being in the game for a while, consider setting up your studio.

Choose a Specialty

Your job as a fitness instructor will be more rewarding and fulfilling if you select a specialty. It should be easy for you to do so after working with various clients, and identifying those that you relish training. Examples of the options you have are medical, nutrition, and lifestyle and weight management.

Becoming a great fitness instructor may not be a walk in the park, but you can become one if you are passionate about exercise and determined. Start by getting certified and then acquire a few soft skills. After that, secure yourself a job and later on determine the individuals you love working with.