Effective Excuses for Every Situation at Work Place

Excuses are one way to avoid trouble, especially when you repeat the mistakes one too many times. Arriving late at work, missing work, and forgetting to do what the boss asked, wanting to leave work early… are situations that require excuses. Sometimes we unintentionally mess up, and giving a reason remains the sole solution. However, it is essential to use excuses correctly to avoid getting fired. As such, here are the best excuses to use when stuck in a complicated situation. But remember, excuses may come at a very daunting price, so be warned.

Skipping Work

You need a practical and most convincing excuse to skip work. People need to believe it for a perfect day away from the office. Some of the best reasons include tripping and getting hurt, alarm failing to turn off, missing your car keys, and looking after your baby after your babysitter fails to turn up. Some reasons are often subjective, for instance, having a baby and suggesting you are looking after your toddler. You can also say that there are police in the area and recommended everyone to stay indoors.

Failing to Return Calls and Email

Forgetting to call back or replying to work email can be traumatic more so if it comes from your employer. But excuses can relieve you of this stress. You can begin by detailing that you have modified email settings and that it is challenging to receive them. Besides, blame your phone, such as leaving it in the cab and couldn’t call back or damaged screens. These are some excuses to convince your employer that you had limited means of communicating back even if you wanted to.

Leaving Work Early

Some days you can be so tired that you wish to leave work early to go and rest. Again, your mindset disrupted; hence you need to step out of work for a few hours. However, your boss would not like it. One way to leave work early is to provide an excuse that persuades your boss to let you drive home. The common reason most people use is having a bad headache or severe back pain. It can also work with you.

Mention that your one of your grandparents is suddenly sick or your dog has run loose or also ill. You can even say that you ate something that you are allergic to and feel terrible. Anything reasonable can grant you the freedom to leave work early than usual. But it is important not to get used to giving excuses to go home. Various persuasions can become unrealistic, leading to suspicions. Do this once in a while and trying to come up with different excuses.

How to Reuse and Recycle Your Excuses More Efficiently

If you are thriving in giving reasonable excuses at work, you can utilize them to your advantage and skip work, leave early, or avoid scolding from the boss. For instance, if you have a flat tire, take pictures of it from different angles. Use these photos as proof to provide an excuse at work when you want to skip work. If you stated that someone hit you on the rear today, in the coming few days can tell your boss that your car failed to start.

Although excuses are a great way to avoid trouble at work, they can be a reason for you to get fired. Frequent use of excuses can cause suspicion, which can affect your reputation in the company. Know what you are doing and use reasons when in stressful situations more often. However, you should always prepare for the consequences of excuses when caught.