Express Entry 101: Everything You Need to Know

Express Entry is a new mechanism in Canada. It is responsible for processing and managing applications for different immigration programs.

How Express Entry Actually Works:

  1. An applicant needs to become an eligible member of one of the immigration programs: The Federal Skilled Worker Program, The Provincial Nominee Program, The Federal Skilled Trades Program or The Canadian Experience Class.
  2. Eligible members submit an Expression of Interest application that is assessed and given a score.
  3. You then have to create a profile on Canada’s National Job Bank so employers can choose applicants who possess the skills needed to fill a position.
  1. CIC has Express Entry draws every couple of weeks. It chooses candidates who have the highest EOI scores in the pool.
  2. Candidates are then given an Invitation to Apply, thus giving you 60-days to apply for permanent residence.
  3. If you weren’t selected, you can improve your score by submitting new information, such as educational credentials assessments, increased language scores and work experience.

Things You Should Note in Your Express Entry Application

  1. All applicants who don’t have an LMIA-validated job offer have to provide proof of settlement funds.
  2. Exact dates are needed for personal history, travel history and address information.
  1. Job offer means job offer.
  2. Everything from your Express Entry profile carries over to your permanent residence application.
  3. Complete your Educational Credentials Assessment.