Filipinos ❤ Living in Canada

My family and I am are among the thousands of Filipinos who have come to live and work in the beautiful country of Canada. Together with my wife and three sons, we came here back in 2009 via a local nominee program being offered at the time.

There are likely some of my fellow Filipinos reading this post who may also have come here to this country, or are trying to make up your minds if you want to emigrate to Canada. Or, you may not be from the Philippines, but are living and working there and wonder about the Filipinos who moved in next to you or who you noticed are now working at your job site.

So, are you scratching your head and wondering why someone who used to live in a warm climate on an island would now want to live and work in Canada? Well, I am going to explain it! Sure, it’s colder here, but there were more opportunities for me and my family and now we are totally happy and thrilled to be living in the province of Winnipeg.

Yes, it’s true that there are a lot of Filipinos deciding to come to live and work in Canada. In fact, the data from the most recent Census shows that my former country of the Philippines has brought to Canada more immigrants than any other place since 2006.

Filipinos Living, Working in Canada

All of the Filipino immigrants have come here to Canada to live and work because we have seen that it is a land of many opportunities that we didn’t have in the Philippines. That’s why many of us decided to also support our families back there to join us here in Canada too. Life has been much more enjoyable here and I am very happy to have chosen to immigrate here!