Tips on how to Find Job in Canada if you are an Immigrant

There are so many people in Canada with graduation and finding a job in the Canadian job market may be rather difficult. If you are a skilled worker, finding a job according to the Canadian shortage occupations list can be possible. To be able to work in Canada, you will have to get your qualifications accredited. French language knowledge would also be an add on when you have to get a job in some areas of Canada.

8.Create a Good Mail and CV

The first step to take when you are looking to apply for a job is to create an impressive CV. The employer will be accessing you from the resume that you present. If you are not good at writing, you can get help from an expert or use the help available online. If you are applying for different job positions, make sure that you create different CV’s to match the requirements of that particular post. Technical knowledge is the primary factor that will earn you a job in Canada. So always focus on your technical skills, qualifications, accomplishments, projects, previous position and employer details and end with a link to your works as a website.

A young Syrian refugee looks up as her father holds her and a Canadian flag at the as they arrive at Pearson Toronto International Airport in Mississauga, Ontario, December 18, 2015. REUTERS/Mark Blinch TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

7.Assess the Skills According to Canadian Standards

You might be having a good degree from your home country. But to get a job in Canada, your degree and qualification should be recognized in Canada. You can utilize the various organizations which have been organized by the Canadian government and other agencies. You can get your CRS score from Credential Evaluation Service and World Education Services-Canada. There is a small amount that you have to pay to get your score. There is no reason to be worried if your score does not meet the minimum requirement. If you can get a mentor to guide you to help you with this, he will be able to suggest the best-suited course to do in the Canadian college or university that can increase your score and increase your job chances in Canada. ESL skills are also a must have to gain a job in Canada.

6.Volunteer to non-profit organization

When you are busy trying to find a job in Canada, you can ideally utilize your time with volunteer activities with non-profit organizations. This can help to improve your soft skills and credibility. This can contribute to add a Canadian reference to an immigrant resume. There are some organizations that look for volunteers to get their jobs done for needs of charity. You never know whom you might run into and create some good networking. You can even do internships, or run trial services to gain experience and there are chances that your job will turn into a permanent one.

5.Create Blog or online Portfolio

Your blog is a place where you put down your story, your likes, your work, etc. This can be a great link to add to your resume so that your employer can know more about you and your works. If you are an IT professional, it will do you great good as you can present your skill with website creation and even present your projects done in the portfolio. Write an attractive ‘About Me’ page and express your skills and how to utilize it. Include the contact details so that people can quickly reach out to you when they are impressed by your work. Spread your content and take part in discussions on other related blogs. This will increase your visibility and chances of getting a job.

4.Network on LinkedIn

The popularity of LinkedIn as a medium for employers to connect with potential employees is widely recognized. The same holds for companies in Canada. With an attractive LinkedIn profile, you are likely to find your dream job in Canada. Make your LinkedIn Profile look as professional as possible with a good profile picture, completed sections, include some recommendations, add website links and finally optimize profile with the keywords to your skills so that the companies can easily find your profile. If you do not have a recommendation, you can ideally ask for recommendations from your previous workplaces..

3.Increase Communication Skills

To stay in Canada, it is necessary to have good communication skill in English and, French language knowledge can be an add-on factor. Most companies check for communication skills before taking in employees who are immigrants. They do not want communication to stand as a barrier to the proper functioning of the organization. Even when you are working in a job post, you can simultaneously improve your communication skill and thus gain better positions in your company.

2.Express Entry

Canada made some significant changes to its economic immigration program in 2015 which allows for Express Entry to candidates. The candidates who find their name in the list will have their entry processing done quickly and also they will enter Canada with a job. For this, you will be required to be a skilled worked, have good language ability and experience. A Comprehensive Ranking System determines the position in the Express Entry pool. The score is provided based on several factors. Your positioning in the Express Entry pool will be your entry card to an excellent job opportunity using the Canada Job Bank.


1.Apply for the Jobs

Most people apply for jobs before migrating to Canada. Several job websites can provide job vacancies available in various fields. You can apply online on these websites and even switch on alerts for job postings related to your skill. There are also recruitment agencies who can provide you with details of vacancies. Regular job vacancy ads can be found in newspapers like The Gazette, Vancouver Sun, The National Post, The Globe and Mail, etc. If you are an immigrant doing a course in a Canadian University, you will likely come across job fairs. The are career fairs organized by professional societies too. You can get details about such fairs online.

It takes proper research, perseverance, and patience to find an apt and well-paid job in Canada. Even though the beginnings may not be splendid, the efforts will sure pay towards the end.