Hiring foreign workers in Canada

You have a business that is facing a labour shortage, or you lack the talent your business requires? Consider looking outside of Canada. With the help of the following programs, you can hire the right person for your business.

In case your business is facing a labour scarcity, you could hire an overseas worker to fill the gap. The main requirement is a valid permit to work in Canada.


Various regions government nominates individuals who wish to immigrate to Canada and stay in their province through nominee programs. The aim of some programs is to attract foreign investors from around the world, whereas others try to fill labour voids that businesses may be facing.

The program allows Canadian entrepreneurs to hire foreign workers on a temporary basis or permanent basis to fill grave labour shortages when Canadian workers are not available. Hiring foreign workers help in economic growth which creates more opportunities for all Canadians. It also improves the working conditions.

The following are requirements for hiring a foreign worker:

• Have a genuine job offer

• Show you have failed to hire a Canadian worker for the position

• Provide wages and working conditions of the workers

• Have a Labour Market Opinion

Hiring foreign workers can help you fill labour needs when no Canadians are available to do the job. These foreign workers are a precious source of skills, talent, and hiring can show how your organization’s association with the society.

Hiring international youth workers

Through the federally run International Experience Canada program, you may be able to hire workers. This travel and work abroad project of foreign relationships and International Trade Canada is for people aged between 18 and 35. Member’s countries have agreements with Canada to allow Canadian entrepreneurs to hire foreign workers without an LMO. The job seeker applies directly to the program and if accepted are issued with the work permit. Most of these programs run for one year; though the duration may vary for different countries