Here are Some of The Top Paying Jobs of 2020 in The United States

Earning a Six Digit Salary

Earning a six-figure digit might remain just a dream unless you are in the medical industry. Did you know that some professional medics make way more than the annual average salary? Well, it seems that the medical occupation might be the principal gateway for a high earning. You only need to brace yourself for many years of crucial training and education. Find your niche in one of the following 24 highest paying professions and giving it your best shot.

They treat diseases, injuries, or deformities through operative or manual methods. Average salary: $181,850

Anesthesiologists specialize in perioperative care. They administer anesthetics and analgesics for pain management before, during, or post-surgery. Annual salary:174,610

They are experts on female reproductive health and everything appertaining to child birth. Average Salary:174,610

Oral and maxillofacial surgeon
They perform more complicated procedures than dentists, including wisdom teeth extraction. Annual salary: 169,600

They specialize in internal medicine, which encompasses factors affecting the core organs. Annual salary: 156,790

They correct natural and acquired jaw conditions and perform corrective procedures including teeth replacement. Annual salary: 156,710

They are experts who specialize in braces and everything concerning mispositioned teeth and awry bite patterns. Annual Salary:153,240


Psychiatrists are medical experts who specialize in mental health. Annual Salary: $151,380

Chief Executive Officer
They are the company’s public face and the top-ranking firm executive. Among other responsibilities, CEOs make major corporate decisions and manage company resources and operations. Annual Salary: $140,880

Engineering Manager
They plan, coordinate, and direct projects by cooperating with management, production, and marketing teams. Annual salary: $140,210.

A pediatrician specializes in children’s mental, physical, and emotional health from birth until the age of 18. Annual salary: $140,000

Family or general practitioner
They handle nearly all medical issues, both acute and chronic, and provide preventive and health education to patients. Annual Salary: $137,980

They specialize in all medical practices appertaining to enhancing, maintaining, or restoring health through evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment. Annual Salary: $137,100

Airline Pilot
They work for particular airline companies to transport people or cargo by airplanes, helicopters, or other aircraft. Annual Salary: $134,090

They specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of teeth problems.Annual salary: $132,660

They specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of abnormal conditions on the feet and lower limb. They also offer preventive and corrective procedures to relieve pain and restore mobility to their patients. Annual Salary: $111,130

They are licensed professionals trained to advise and represent other people in a court of law. Annual Salary: $110,590

Air Traffic Controller
They offer ground services, directing air crafts during take-off and landing to prevent accidents and alleviate delays. Annual salary: $100,430

Computer and Information Systems Manager
They administer and implement computer-related technologies, including software updates and internet regulations in the entire organization. Annual Salary: $100,110

Marketing Manager
Marketing managers facilitate the promotion and positioning of products and services offered in the company. Annual Salary: $100,020

Natural Sciences Manager
They supervise scientists’ works, including technicians and other lab personnel, to facilitate research works. Annual Salary: $97,560

Sales Manager
They coach, lead, and supervise the company’s sales team. Annual Salary: $96,950

Astronomers study the universe, its components, and how it works. Annual salary: $96,780