Here’s 5 Unexpected Ways to Find a Job

Job hunting is one of the most daunting tasks anyone can endure. Could you be hunting in the wrong places? What are you missing? The answers to these questions will determine your future as a job prospect. Try some of these simple places you have been avoiding:


Being a “tell a friend to tell a friend” person has its advantages. Drop the formal act for once in your life! Socialize with people at the club, library, coffee shop, or the gym. They do not have to wear suits to point in your direction. It is as simple as interacting with people who have already been absorbed by the system. Who knows where your luck could fall? That person you have always underestimated could be your stepping stone to your next job prospect.

Do Your Due Diligence

The company that has captured your interest may not be offer job placements online or on paper. This may prevent you from applying for a job under the pretext that they are looking to hire. Well, it does not hurt to visit their website to get clarification on the type of employees that work for them. You may be astonished at how many job offers they have, yet they do not bother posting on other media platforms. Try your luck because you never know whose hands you may fall on.

Directly call the prospective company

The power of networking. That is what companies are good at. The company you are working for could be looking to hire prospects in your niche. In the same way, another company could approach yours to hire people like you. This is the perfect moment to ask if they are hiring. Chances are, they could be glad to refer you to another company.

Make a technical visit

Some companies value people who make a technical appearance to drop off their testimonials and declare their interest in working for them. Of course, your biggest worry is being sent away because they are full. Still, you can drop off your resume so that they can consider your application during the next intake. Be ready to make another appearance if you get lucky.

Link up with your local chamber of commerce

Never underestimate the amount of information the locals carry. They have more knowledge than you ever imagined. Interact with them as much as possible, even if they do not fit your description of the job hunting package. They have vast experience in new companies. It does not break a sweat to inform them about you. Make use of that information to broaden your networking skills. You never know who could be interested in hiring you!
You have searched for jobs online, in newspapers, and journals to no avail. Even if they are advertising for jobs, luck does not seem to fall on your way. You are almost giving up, but you still have bills to pay. You also want to grow as a budding career person and the only way of making that happen is through finding a job.

The real problem lies in where you are searching. Some companies take referrals more seriously than recruiting total strangers. Your friend or relative can easily put you on the map to end your days of job hunting. Please do not be shy about opening up to them. Who knows? This could be your breakthrough to landing your dream job!