Things You Should Know About The Express Entry Assessors When Immigrating To Canada

Almost everyone is aware that at the beginning of 2015, the Canadian federal skilled worker program was significantly restored and re-launched. Currently, the program consists of two stages. In the first stage, candidates are required to receive 67 points which are allocated depending on a few factors. In the second stage, candidates who have scored the 67 points are put in a pool with similar candidates, and those who have higher scores are selected from the pool to attain PR status.

Many people believe that getting into the program is still difficult as it was before, which is not true. It has become much easier as the criteria have changed a bit. However, fewer workers will not be taken in as it was done before. This means that even if the number of applicants remains constant, there is no intention of excluding more candidates than in the preceding years.

There is a particular criteria used by immigration officers when evaluating applications. The criteria is strictly followed to select those who can qualify for the program. Examining the criteria can help you determine if you can improve your score and ways through which you can improve it. Some of the factors considered include either English or French language skills, experience, education, age, adaptability, and arranged employment.

Assessing the Factors

When examining the factors, you can first set aside those that you can change, and especially those you can change quickly without putting too much effort. One of the factors that you cannot change is your age. However, things like education you can change by investing adequate time and effort. Adaptability, on the other hand, can also be changed through lesser effort and time. Arranged employment, language skills, and experience can be advanced without having to invest much time and effort.

One of the factors that account for more points is language skills, especially at the initial stage. Immigration officers will assess your language skills entirely, basing them on the results from the tests conducted. Through adequate practice and study, the scores on IELTS tests can be significantly improved. This has been noted by skilled workers that are immigrating to Canada.

Experience is not rigid, and it is not only about the things you did in earlier years. Viewing experience from a different angle and giving diverse definitions of your professional roles will help you to advance it significantly. You can do this by recalling back things that you have worked on in at least five previous years, and it will help you realize there are a lot of things than you first thought. Work on redefining your professional experience and roles by focusing on those that will allow you to succeed in getting a job promotion from a company in Canada or in your immigration application to Canada.

Finally, you can also change the arranged employment. It is actually one of the most fundamental factors that you should focus on. A larger percentage of the points is allocated to the factor, and job offers can easily come to you when you attain more points.

The above factors used in assessing Express Entry Application may look quite immovable at the first view. However, it is essential that you put some more efforts to help increase the number of points that you attain for each of the factors.