How to apply for Temporary Work Visa for Canada

For a good number of years, the Canadian government has been giving job opportunities to foreign applicants. To make it easy for these workers, the government grants them the opportunity to work either permanently or temporarily. This is to allow potential employees to make their choice and determine how long that they want to work. The government also issues visas to these individuals to ease their movement within the country.

Today, we want to discuss the reasons why it is advisable to apply for Temporary Work Visa if you want to work in Canada.

  1. If you have a job offer from a Canadian employer

This is the prerequisite for obtaining a temporary work visa. If a Canadian employer give you a job and you have to go to Canada to do it, you must apply for a temporary visa. The simple reason is that you may not know how long it will take you to finish your job.  The temporary visa will give you the opportunity to do your work, finish it, and return to your home if the situation of things demands that. Otherwise, you may apply for another visa.

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  1. If you don’t want to live permanently in the country

Some people do not want to live in Canada but just want to work there for a short period of time. There are a lot of reasons for this, and these reasons are as diverse as the people who engage in it too. The most reasonable thing for such individuals is to obtain a temporary visa.  This will afford them the opportunity to move back to their home countries whenever they are through with the employment opportunity that they get there.

  1. The law of the land allows it

The Canadian government has put a law in place that allows individuals to obtain temporary work visas. There is nothing bad if any individual can make use of this opportunity. You can use the opportunity to work for a short time according to how it fits into your personal life and schedule.  This is because the government is ready to accommodate all the different situations of potential workers in the country.  The flexibility of the visa will allow people to work as it pleases them without having to deal with circumstances that do not please them.

  1. It is a gateway to get Permanent Work Visa

There is no doubt that a temporary work visa will have an expiry date. At the expiration of this time, the government allows temporary workers to renew their visa.  This may be done for a period of time consecutively. If the worker feels that he or she can now live in the country permanently, there is an opportunity to apply for a permanent visa. Of course, the attitude and reputation of the individual during that period of them may be considered during the process of applying for the permanent visa. For instance, a temporary worker with no bad reputation and has a good health may be in a better position to get a permanent visa than a newcomer who is relatively unknown. On the other hand, if the reputation of such a worker is nothing to write home about, there is the likelihood that his or her chances of getting a permanent visa will be drastically reduced. This should serve as a guide to people who are working on temporary visas.

  1. If you are a student

 One of the reasons why someone can apply for a temporary visa is if the person is a student. A student on holiday may want to use the holiday to earn some money. This may be possible if the student can get a temporary visa that will cover his or her holiday.  When the holiday is over, getting back to school will be the next item on the agenda. Therefore, for such individuals, getting a temporary work visa is the ideal thing. It affords them the privilege of getting what they want and how they want. Since the visa is renewable, the student in question may decide to renew it whenever there is a need for that instead of dealing with a permanent visa.

  1. It is the ideal visa for foreign workers

Most of the foreign workers in Canada are working on a temporary basis. As a result of this, the temporary visa is considered as the default visa for foreign workers. Since you are not an exception, it is ideal for you to apply for a temporary visa as well. According to the statistics supplied by the immigration department of Canada, over 300,000 foreign workers work in Canada every year. These workers are working with their temporary work visas. And since the government encourages it, it is not a crime if you join the rank of these hundreds of thousands of workers who are working on a part-time basis using their temporary work visa.[/caption]

  1. You can extend the visa

As previously mentioned, the temporary work visa can be extended. This can be done at its expiration to have the privilege of having a working visa always. This extension cannot be done for just any reason because the government itself has a list of conditions that can warrant a renewal of a temporary visa. These conditions are:

  • If the duration of your job is extended and you want to finish the job before you go back to your home country.
  • If your job is changed, and there is no enough time to complete the new job
  • If your job is entirely changed or you are offered a new job which you that you can do.
  • Some people may go to Canada with the objective of working for a short time. During their work, they may feel like living and working in Canada. So as not to be seen as an illegal immigrant, they are required to extend their work permit.


Canada is gradually becoming the haven for professional and skilled workers. You may decide to have a taste of what Canada has to offer by getting a temporary work visa. Who knows, you may have a change of mind and decide to make your stay permanent.