Why do Filipinos Immigrate to Canada?

Filipinos who are either Canadian residents or soon to be immigrating to Canada have plenty of opportunity in the Canadian job market. The Department of Labour and Employment in Canada has recently announced that there are thousands of jobs available to resident and immigrating workers in Canada of both Filipino and other foreign descent. At this time there are more than 14,000 jobs available to foreign workers in Canada.


Jobs available to Filipinos in Canada are available in many markets and are open to Filipinos with a variety of educational employment backgrounds. In addition to less-skilled positions such as janitorial and fast food positions, there are companies all over Canada looking for skilled professionals such as accounting clerks, engineers, IT professionals, nurses, doctors, architects, teachers, dentists and more. Opportunities for Filipinos in Canada are almost limitless.

Filipinos in Canada are some of the highest paid foreign workers, and according to the Canadian Department of Labour and Employment, the vast majority of Canadian employers who have worked with foreign workers in the past have preferred working with Filipinos to most other nationalities due to their loyalty and strong work ethic. Filipino culture is well loved and appreciated by both Canadian employers and citizens.


Many Filipinos who have come to Canada to work have found that the approval process to work in Canada is far easier than that of the United States, making Canada a popular place for Filipino families to immigrate. Filipinos in Canada will find that their culture remains strong in Canada, as Canada’s Filipino population is high.

Citizens of the Philippines looking to work in Canada can find many potential employers simply by searching the internet. Websites such as EmploymentBOOM™ have thousands of Canadian job listings, many of which are open to foreign workers. Additionally, Filipinos looking to work in Canada can contact friends or family who may already be Canadian residents for information about employment opportunities they may know of.

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