New in Canada? Here are the top 7 Jobs you can do

Huge number of immigrants from, across the globe is attracted towards Canada for career prospects. It is because Canada allows people of all ethnicities, cultures and races to come. This is the greater level of diversity acceptance that makes the country and ideal place to live in. Mostly people choose Canada because of making a professional career there. They think it to be the right place for getting jobs as its economy is boosting and country is in good financial conditions,

Still new comers have to struggle a lot if they want to start a career or land a good job in Canada.

Here are the 7 jobs that new comers in Canada can opt for.

  1. Teachers

This does not mean you have to be a professor. Just keep in mind one thing everything you know can be communicated via teaching. There is huge diversity in Canada and there are many people who might be interested in learning your language. You can start giving classed about courses you know; In case you are very well familiar with French and English then you can teach at school to, provided you have a good qualification. Whatever qualification you are having, try to look at a school that needs teacher for it. This is not only a good but also sustainable job too.

  1. Work As a Chef

Here, you might think that in order to become a chef, it is necessary to be expert in cooking. This is not needed at all. If you really know about your own country’s cuisine then it is enough. Remember, there are many restaurants who want to present something unique. This uniqueness can be cuisine of your country. Just become a consultant for them and guide in making dishes that belong to your home country. If you have enough resources, then it is wise to open a new restaurant. Just focus on your offerings, keep in mind the taste of people and provide them with better one. This will simply increase customer, and your business will get attention.

  1. Caretaker for Senior Citizens

This is perhaps the best job for immigrants in Canada. Senior citizens love to spend their time in a unique way. Taking care of them does not mean to serve as governance only. Basically senior citizens want attention and company. They want someone so different with whom they can share their concerns and different feelings. Native Canadians love to be with people from different ethnicities. This gives them exposure and entertaining way to spend time too. Finding such job is very easy. Even doing little search can help you to find a person of choice too.

  1. Child Caretaker

This is another easy to find job in Canada. Many parents have to leave their children at daycare center. This is because they don’t have enough time to divide between the home and office. Here childcare job can be found at well organized day care and also at home. This is very easy and women who come to Canada should consider this. Here, one needs to have friendly attitude towards kid. Even if he or she lacks it then there is no need to worry. In most of such jobs, it is seen that friendly behavior is quiet autonomous and easily develop at its own, especially when it is the case of dealing with kids.

  1. Accountant

Accountancy is one of the most demanded professions anywhere. Securing the job of an accountant is much easy in Canada. Mostly, simple accounting qualification is enough to secure such jobs. In case, you want to get a bigger post, then just do few short courses. The courses like Canadian Securities Courses simply give an edge to get job in earlier stages. It is necessary that one should have enough knowledge about the way Canadian Financial markets work. This is very much simple. Doing these short courses does not require too much time. A new comer will need to take very few attempts to find the jobs as almost every firm in Canada needs accountant. Even if it is not about the corporate sector then many restaurants, and schools may need these professionals.

  1. Sales Man

Every newcomer should try his luck for such job. This is not such difficult to find. Drug stores, shoe stores, clothes stores. Grocery stores and many other such stores always need sales man and women. Jobs can be distinguished here too on many bases. For women working at boutiques, cosmetic stores, book shops, gift centers and other such stores remains to be a cool idea. Men can work as salesmen on shops related to technology, services and even at car show rooms etc. Usually, no tough qualification is required for being a salesman but a good communication skill and gentle behavior is very much necessary. It is more likely that an immigrant can find a store by his own fellow countrymen. It is a good idea to look for such stores as chances of finding sales man jobs at these stores become very much easy.

  1. Job of Electrician or Plumber

This is another most demanding profession. Many households or businesses encounter problems related to clog up sewerage line or a blown fuse. In all these cases need for both professions increases. If you are skilled in any of these jobs then prospects of earning a higher income become higher. One can start such job with a company that provides such services. Well, it is wise to start own business if person is skilled enough. This allows providing services on greater scale and one can establish himself too. Even if you are not skilled then try to look for some skilled person who may need assistance with these jobs. In this way you will not only; learn but become able to earn a living meanwhile.

Whatever job you try to get, just figure out your own skills and then move forward.