How to Choose Between 2 Great Job Offers

Choosing between two jobs offers with similar salaries, and reasonable allowances is hard. Deciding on the offer to go with is even harder. Some might consider it their lucky day, but you have to think for you to go with the best offer.

Things to consider in such a scenario
Below are the things you should consider if you happen to get two job offers and having a hard time deciding on the best choice;

1. Don’t look at the salary or title

It’s hard to ignore considering the amount of money you will be taking home or your new title, but according to Mark Federman, such things are not significant compared to how you feel about the job. Unless the salary is a figure that will take you from one tax bracket to the next then, it’s not worth looking at salary or title. Given an opportunity to choose between two jobs, one with 10 to 15 per cent increase and the other with a better working environment, choose the one with a pleasant working environment.

In a pleasant working environment, you’ll shine more and get more opportunities, promotions, and your resume will look good. Having an excellent resume sounds better than having a salary increase. Federman adds that clients who choose money and title end up with unhappy results over time.

2. What motivates you about the job

When faced with two job offers, most people dream about vacation destinations; instead, they should think about what motivates them at work. People want to feel good at their places of work. What does your previous employment mean to you? Did managers colleagues inspire you? Did these managers encourage you to be better, or did they instil fear in you? When looking at job offers, consider the environment that will inspire you to be the best.

3. Do your research

It may sound extraordinary, but little research could help. In a scenario where you get approached with a job offer, ask to speak with potential colleagues and manager. If the employer doesn’t agree to talk to you, consider it a red flag. If the manager and colleagues agree, ask questions far from the workplace for employees to speak freely. Please take note of how what they say and how they answer. If they avoid issues, then take that as a red flag but if they get excited when asked a question, then know you are on the right track.

4. In general, consider your career.

According to Federman, he coaches clients through an exercise where he tells them to picture themselves as older people telling their grandchildren their life accomplishments. The training helps them with a clear image of life and career path. Even though the job will not take you ahead of time, it is a step towards the imagined future. How you want to impact the world should clarify the job offer to choose. According to Federman, these things help the human spirit in defining your innermost motivations making all things seem right.

Final Thoughts

When choosing between two similar job offers, one might get confused and end up choosing the wrong job. Above are ways to help people in such scenarios go with the best option. Please do not call it your lucky day but an eye-opening day. The choice you make will either make your life better or make it worse. It’s essential to make a choice you won’t regret.