How to Communicate with your Co-Workers

Communication is an important instrument in achieving productivity and maintaining good working relationships in an organization. Communicating well with your team eliminate the misunderstandings and encourage peaceful and healthy working environment. Below is how to communicate to be heard at Work

Communicate with clarity

You must communicate clearly so as to be heard in the workplace. Being in a position to give clear information is vital. When you communicate with clients or colleagues, whether using a verbal or written method, you need to be in a position to convey your message in a clear and concise manner. To do this:

  • Think about what you intend to share before saying it
  • Don’t use very complex words
  • Try to imagine the possible response of the listener.
  • Providing clear information during communication assist you to convey your message in a clear way and minimize confusion.

Have courage

It is vital to have confidence in your interaction with someone. Confidence tells your listener that you are genuine in what you are saying. Showing confidence can be as simple as using a firm but friendly tone or making eye contact. Evade making statements that sound like questions. Moreover, be careful not to sound aggressive or arrogant. Make sure you are ever listening to the other person and empathizing with them.

Interestingly, one does not have to be confident to act confident. When it comes to communication, actions usually precede feelings. A confident smile will portray confidence to those around you.

Be Honest

Honesty is important in communication. Being honest with your listeners ensure the right outcomes are realized. Dishonesty will bring more problems in the future and you may be discovered for the lie. It is important to give full and correct information when dealing with someone so that they know the exact message you are giving to them. For instance, if they hear something which is not true, they will act based on this information which, may most likely turn things worse.

Always be honest and open with yourself and others. If you are not honest with yourself then you can’t communicate accurately to others. Don’t hide your feelings or pretend that everything is in order when in reality it is not, these little lies can quickly accelerate into big problems.

Don’t be rigid

Some conversation hardly goes as planned. The unexpected comment there, a tangent here, or twist and turn make conversation not to run smoothly. Always be flexible when you are talking to a client or a colleague. The more rigid you are on how a conversation should ran, the more saddened you will be by how it does.

Move with the conversation, bend with it, and always give room for disagreement. You can say what you wanted to say, but you may eventually end up having to act differently than you would have planned. And that is fine. Flexibility is important especially if you are communicating your feelings, be it negative or positive. The more flexible you are, the greater the possibility of you seeing the varied options you got for communicating in any given situation.


Getting yourself heard in a workplace is important to your success. No matter how great your ideas are, they are meaningless to you and your company until you express them. Be certain to be heard in a workplace if you follow the above tips.