[Advice] What to do when your Job Contract Expires?

For a contractor, the end of a contract may seem overwhelming, especially for the first time. This period of adjustment will leave you with no job and uncertain of the future. However, there are various things you can do to prepare for the end of your contract. You may even avoid it or get an extension as you plan for the next course of action. If your contract is coming to an end, here are a few insights to help you have the best transition.

Talk to your recruiter

Your recruiter is your advocate at all times and they can help you with professional insight on what to do. It is recommendable to schedule an appointment with your recruiter at least four weeks before the end of your contract. Make sure you discuss freely and tell your recruiter about any feelings or experiences. You should also send them the job postings you are interested in. If you are open to an extension of the contract, inform your recruiter. Communication is essential whether you are choosing to move on solo or find a permanent position. Recruiters are there to help you make the best decisions and find perfect fits for your qualifications and experience. If you are not happy with your current position or feel a particular way about any issue, it is advisable to share it with them.

Polish your resume

Updating your resume is one way to prepare for the next contract. Your portfolio should feature accurate details of your qualifications, including your last and current involvements as well as references. Your recruiter can help with resume polishing guidance. You can also take some time to find interview tips and job search insights to help you prepare for the new opportunities. DO not wait until the last day your contract expires to start making these changes as this will only lead to panic. The best approach is to start making updates in advance and talk to your recruiter about job search advice and portfolio polishing. It makes it easier for them to understand your goals, experiences and what you need.

Expand your networking

Networking is everything when it comes to job search. Building your network is critical to success in any field, so you should always be eager to make new connections and market yourself to various prospects. As your contract approaches its final day, you can review your networks and identify ways to expand it. There are various ways to go about it. You can start by attending marketing and creative networking events and seminars. Creating an active online presence for a portfolio is also a way to market your services. Find the calendar of networking events and consistently attend them until you start making thriving relationships.

Part ways respectfully

If your contract is coming to an end and you intend to move on without the help of your staffing team, it is still acceptable. Since they are part of your network, there is no need to leave in silence or abruptly. According to experts in the human resource industry, a two-week notice is standard to let the employer know you will not be continuing with any future contracts. You should also say goodbye to your friends and other acquaintances.


The end of a contract can be an exciting phase if you have a solid plan to execute. It is essential to understand your needs and goals to make the right decision. Professional insights and help from your staffing team are also crucial, even if you feel it is unnecessary. Communicating your goals with a recruiter can make the process easier to deal with as you prepare for the next step. Whether you are interested in extending the contract or moving to a permanent position or business, make sure you table your needs and leave a positive rapport behind.