How to handle a Rude Co-Worker

Every workplace that rude, disrespectful colleague that sucks the life out of everyone. You don’t want them to be the first person you meet in the morning because they can ruin your entire day. They may give a negative comment about your hair or attire, and you will spend the rest of your time wishing you called in sick. They might even question your competence in public, and it can be frustrating.

Well, don’t beat yourself up. They are probably rude to everyone else in the office. If you overthink it, you may get demotivated to wake up every morning and chase after your dream. As an alternative, focus on yourself and your daily tasks. As you do it, consider a few things to solve the problem.

How to handle a rude co-worker

Approach them
Instead of letting your colleague spoil your mood every day at work, think about bravely confronting them. Maybe the reason why they keep doing it is that they believe you cannot stand up for yourself or do not know that they hurt your feelings. Tell them that you are displeased with their rudeness, and you would like them to stop. Be polite and respectful. This may even give them a chance to apologize for their actions, and the two of you might become friends.

Be kind
In most cases, a rude person is dealing with personal issues that may be fueling their behavior. Even with their insolence, be kind to your colleague. It could be what they need most in their life. Additionally, it may make them think twice about how they treat you and other workmates. When you are polite to them, it can be the start of a great professional relationship.

Stay away from them
Avoiding your ill-mannered workmate means that you will no longer be the target of their rude comments. They say that walking away is always the best option, plus it takes strength. Once you do it, it will deprive them of your attention, making them feel like their actions are not worth it. Also, they might leave you alone as well; and you can have all the peace you need at work.

This, however, may not be a great solution if the person is one that you have to work with closely. For instance, a supervisor that you have to interact with every day. They might also be your partner whom your boss requires you to work with on all your projects.

Seek third-party opinion
Sometimes, sharing an issue can help to find a practical solution for it. Therefore, talk to a friend you trust about what has been frustrating you. They can even be your sibling. Avoid exaggerating things as they could lead to them hating the person who has been provoking you. Then, you will not get great advice since it will be biased.

When you get their neutral opinion, you will know if you have a right to get mad, or you are overreacting. The person you share with should also help you decide on the best course of action.

Report to HR
If all the ideas mentioned above do not work, talk to HR or your boss. Tell them that the rude actions of your colleague are affecting your productivity, and you need help making them stop. Since they have the authority, they can talk to the impolite person and demand that they give you the respect you deserve.

If you don’t know how to handle a rude workmate, you can try the ways we have suggested in this article. They may help you solve your problem sooner than you expected.