How You Can Succeed in a Group Interview

When a person has to be part of a group or multiple interviewing process, they tend to become rather stressed about the situation, especially if they have not prepared for it. Here are a few simple ways to avoid being stressed on the day of the interview.

Make Sure That you Prepare in Time

It is very important that everyone in the group is all prepared. In most cases, you will find that you will have a few people who will be asking the group questions, and since everyone is different, each person interviewing will be looking for different answers. The Human Resources manager will be looking to see if you will fit in at the company, the team leader will be looking at your personality and how well you will fit in with those he/she currently employs. Then you get the supervisor, who most times, will be looking at the skills you have.

Try to remember these points so that you can show your skills, personality and team spirit during the interviewing process.

Do Some Research – It Can Only Help

It is very important that you are prepared for the interview, especially because there will be a number of people asking many different questions. It is very important that you understand what the job entails and what will be expected of you, should you get the position. Another important factor is to be aware of how the company works and how they work things there, as each company is structured differently.

Let Your Confidence Shine Through

Yes, it can be stressful when you are being interviewed by a number of people, but just remember that they want to see how you can handle stress. Get your friends to help you practice a panel interview a few times before the day arrives. Get your friends to ask you similar questions to the ones that you will be asked in the interview, and see how you feel when answering. If you practice a few times, you will gain the confidence that you need for the “Big Day”.

Keeping Focused Can Make or Break The Interview

When the day of the interview comes, make sure that you make and keep eye contact with each person who interviews you. Do not rush into giving answers, rather take the time to consider what you are going to say before saying it. When there are other people around you in an interview situation, it is easy to get distracted, so keep your focus on the one person who is asking you questions at the time. Keep your focus on the person interviewing you, but also make eye contact with the other interviewers, as they will be asking the questions next.

A Couple of Vital Things to Remember

It is critical that you treat everyone who is attending a group interview with the same respect. It does not matter who will be the person making the final decision, you must treat each person in the same manner, not only because one single person could influence the decision-maker’s choice, but because it is just plain good manners. Your goal is to make a good impression on as many people as you can, so smile, be positive and have a great attitude. Be prepared and bring along extra resumes.