Important things to know about Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)

Quebec is one of the provinces of Canada. It is one of the major tourist destinations in Canada. Apart from serving as a tourist attraction, it is one of the major cities in Canada for foreign workers. It boasts of a high standard of living which appeals to foreign workers.

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program was designed by the Canadian government to encourage skilled workers from other countries to immigrate to Canada and use their skills and education to contribute to the economy of the country.

To ensure that the best hands are employed, the government has established some criteria that potential immigrants must meet to be granted approval. These are seven facts that you need to know about this program.

  1. The visa for the program is easy to get

Unlike other immigration programs in Canada, Quebec Skilled Worker Program makes it easy for applicants to get their visas easily. This is because applicants are given their visas according to how they apply. Because of this, there is no competition among applicants for visas. This is a far cry from what other programs offer.

  1. Some qualifications are preferred to others

Because of a large number of applicants, the government has made it clear that applicants from specific discipline will be favored over others. For years, the people in the nursing field have always been given preferential treatment. This has not changed as they are still highly considered. If you have a degree in Computer Science and a Diploma in Account, your chances of getting a visa are highly increased. Under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, you can apply for Canadian Permanent Residence with full confidence that your application will be granted.




Apart from the two that are mentioned above, applicants with degrees in any engineering field will be considered. No matter what the field is, the fact remains that being an engineer is a bonus to your chances of being approved for visa and employment.


  1. Visa application and approval is easier than other programs

 Some other programs require you to demonstrate settlement funds to the government. This is not the case with this program. Apart from this, the flexibility of this program allows you to submit your file for processing while still taking IELTS exams. This is not possible with other programs. The result is that you will continue to write your exams while processing your visa. This will save you time and make things easier for you to do.

Also, there are no rigid rules with regards to the language test you have to take. The program also does not place minimum scores on the tests to qualify. Nevertheless, a high score will work in your favor than lower scores. This is because the program still makes use of scores points to apply applicants. For instance, if two people have the same qualifications and years of experience, the one with the higher score points have higher chances of being approved than the other person with a lower grade point.

  1. The requirements

For the initial application for the program, the following documents must be submitted along with your application:

  • Identity documents: This include your birth certificate and you marriage certificate if you are married.
  • Educational document: This includes both your Diplomas and transcripts.
  • Travel documents: You should provide a valid passport copy. If you are not living in your country of origin, you should also submit the visa of residence of the country where you live.
  • You may be asked to provide some other documents that are not listed here. Your qualification will determine this.
  • While the result of the language test is not required initially, it will be required when you want to be approved for a visa.
  • If you are an English-speaking person, you can either provide your academic certificate to prove your proficiency in the English language. If you don’t have that, your IELTS result will suffice. For someone who speaks French as the mother tongue, TEF or DELF result will be ok.
  1. It is different from migrating to other parts of Canada

 Applicants who are successful under this program will be offered Quebec Selection Certificate. After this certificate, you will be entitled to Canadian Permanent Resident Visa. The good news is that although the method of assessment of applicants for this program is different from the regular evaluation by the Canadian government, the assessment is approved by the government. As such, visas for permanent residence can be issued to successful applicants if the medical background of such a person has been thoroughly investigated and the person is found out to be fit.

  1. Education and work experience

To meet the educational requirement for the program, you are expected to have a Diploma, which is equivalent to a vocational school in Quebec. You must have got the Diploma at least five years before you apply for the program. This is not the only requirement. You must have used the certificate to work for a minimum of a year before you submit your application for the program. Also, your qualification and your field of study will determine your grade point as there are different points for different skills and courses.
  1. Language skills

 Quebec has two official languages: English and French. French is the more dominant of these two languages due to a lot of factors such as social and historical. Therefore, individuals who want to work in Quebec via the Quebec Skilled Worker Program will be tested with regards to the knowledge of French language using the standard for the evaluation of the language in the country, TEF. If possible, a potential applicant for the program may find it advisable to take a course in the French language so as to pass the French test. Of course, the score will be added to the overall points for the applicant. Having a prior knowledge of the language will be an advantage.


If you are a potential applicant for work in Quebec, knowing these facts will prepare you for what you will meet while pursuing a visa to Canada.