Is It Time to Start Looking for A New Job?

In recent years, the trend of working for one employer for many years has been replaced by frequent job changes. Each person who wants to change from one employer to another has their reasons. Some do it in pursuit of knowledge, others want to find new challenges, while others want to change their careers, among other personal reasons.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States conducted research on the average number of jobs that a certain age group have had in their working careers. Those born between 1952 and 1964 have had an average of 12.3 jobs in their working careers. The median tenure for the U.S. salary and wage workers is 4.2 years. These median tenures may vary depending on the industry, location, your age, among other factors.

Despite all these factors, there are high chances that everyone will change their employers severally in their careers before taking a permanent retirement.

Some of the things that may lead to one changing his or her career include:

Low salary or no salary increment that is not proportionate to inflation or workload

Some firms or employers tend not to recognize their employees’ efforts despite increased workload over the years. This demoralizes the employee making them look for “greener pastures” with better pay and work environment.

The annual inflation rate across the world is increasing at an alarming rate. For instance, in the U.S. annual inflation rate ranges between 1.9 and 2.1 percent, and hence an employer should ensure that his/her workers are fairly remunerated.

Years of hard work breed experience, which, in turn, results in improved skillsets and better job delivery. If your performance is outstanding, your employer should ensure that your salary corresponds to your new ability to work faster and deliver better results. It’s also advisable for your employer to ensure that your salary corresponds to the cost of living. Failure to which, changing your job may be in order.

Your Current Job Is Not Challenging Enough

There are times that you work for one employer and feel like your work doesn’t challenge you at all. The urge for a challenge that will push you to accomplish your goals and improve your skills is among the leading factor that should push you to change your career.

Acquiring new skills and exceeding your set goals regularly are what should force you to switch employers.

Being Overwhelmed with Increasing Workload as Years Goes By

Whenever the employees work hard, it’s obvious that the business will start growing. And an increase in the size of a business brings about an increase in tasks that the employees should be dealing with. Some employers tend to ignore their workers’ efforts, and increasing their wages and salaries doesn’t ringer in their minds.

Being overworked and not compensated for it leaves you frustrated, especially if the jobs keep piling up and your employer doesn’t increase the number of employees or your salary. This will automatically prompt you to search for a new job.

Lack of Job Satisfaction

According to research, more than 80% of employees are not satisfied with their jobs. If given a chance, they would change from their current jobs to those they would feel more satisfied in.

Sometimes you might find yourself feeling like you are in the wrong career, firm, or working for the wrong employer. This feeling makes you unsatisfied with your work, and once you are unsatisfied with whatever you are doing, you will never give it your best.

The best thing to do when you feel unsatisfied with your job is to determine what makes you feel dissatisfied. Whether it’s the duties you are assigned to, the industry you are working in, and a lack of work/life balance, among other possible reasons. Finding the reason will help you make the right choice when you decide to find a more satisfying job.

Have You Been Dealing with Unhealthy Working Environment?

Harsh working conditions, abuse of workers by employers, both physical and mental abuse, and threats are among the toxic working environment that you should avoid at any cost. The use of these harsh tactics by the employer always has short term achievements for the employer, but it creates a rift between the employer and the employees. A toxic work environment is a recipe for bullying, negativity, anxiety and depression, stressors, exhaustion, lack of completion and even unrest.

Once you find yourself in such a toxic working environment, it’s always time to move on to another career or employer before any damage happens to you.


There are very few people who can claim that they are satisfied with their current jobs. Employers should look to find ways of improving the working environment for their employees. This will enable the employees always to feel comfortable and appreciated. When employees are properly rewarded, motivated to do and achieve more, they will have a reason to report to work every day without experiencing burnout. This way, employers will enjoy low employee turnover and retain top talents for their firms’ best interests.