Jobs that are hot now in Canada

Jobs that are hot now in Canada

After strenuous years in Universities, employment is normally viewed as the best way to establish yourself in the life. However, it is important to constantly monitor the employment trend by taking statistics of careers which are relevant in future and whose demand prospects are high. This will ensure prompt employment and with better engagement terms.

Generally, job openings are rated by their demands pressure and hiring scale. If the demand pressure is lower, the likelihood of the applicants being offered the available opportunity is high. This is due to fewer applicants meeting the required criteria. If the hiring scale is lower, then the chances of clinching an opportunity are greater. So the lower the two indices, the more the openings such opportunities offer. These rankings signify the employers’ flexibility in competing for and attracting skilled engineering staff.

Below are the 8 industries whose demand are growing faster than the labour supply.

  1. Engineering

The engineering is part of the STEM field. These require constant innovations in a highly fluid environment.

The engineering field needs many electrical, mechanical, civil and structural engineers to sustain the pace of technological advancements and critical infrastructure. Their vacancies are quickly filled when advertised and the remunerations are high.

They are needed in oil and petrochemicals, the public sector, and high-tech sector. The job openings for engineering field amounted to 244,000 with a demand pressure of 30% and a hiring scale of 39%.


  1. Financial Services

Financial Services include professions like the Accounting, Financial Analysts, Business Analysts, Coordinators, Senior Accountants, etc. They are needed to compile, analyse and model the data from various sources and interpret them for business forecasting. With the expansion of services sector, their roles are becoming even more crucial.

With close to 680,000 qualified finance and accounting candidates available, the demand appears to match the supply. These positions are normally filled in less than two months.

With an average salary of $81,000, it shows the value of this profession to the economy. The demand rate is 41% and the hiring scale is 48%, signifying a more inelastic supply in this profession

  1. Human Resources Management

The job market has been transforming with greater roles for women in management, employment age synchronisation and the new economy of freelancing and short term multiple contract-based employment. These make the role of the human resources management more agile.

With the digital world and emerging gas and oil sectors, the human resources professional including HR Managers, Recruitment professionals, HR Assistants, etc. are without challenges.

With the HR professionals reaching 131,000 with an average salary of $61,000, Human Resources is a hot take in Canada. The demand pressure for this profession is 39% while the hiring scale is lowly 37% indicating a very inflexible market where the potential employers are at the mercy of the few qualified candidates for a job opening.

  1. Logistics and Transportation

Demand driven by falling oil prices and the rapid expansion of e-commerce, the freight and transportation sector is really booming. New economies like the 3D printing and app-enabled taxi services are making radical revolution in logistical and warehousing services. The professionals here include drivers, material handlers, GPS system operators, Bills of lading, preventive maintenance crew, etc.

Due to its size, logistics will continue to expand in Canada. With over 1 million logistics professionals, earning an average of $35,000, the supply is fairly large. The average logistics job openings take 2 months to fill. Despite the high demand pressure of 67%, the hiring scale is still low – 37%. This means that despite the number of manufacturing professional being many, the rate at which the employers advertise the vacancy is still higher than the number of respondents.

  1. Manufacturing

Manufacturing professional include manufacturing and production supervisors, welders, machinists, cabinet makers, maintenance and production labourers.

During the last six months, almost half of the manufacturers are having difficulties filling in vacant openings. This is driving the intense demand for workers in skilled trades.

Manufacturing professionals in Canada are over 1,101,000. They have a high demand pressure of 57% but a lower hiring scale of 42%. Their average salary is about $34,000 which make then comfortable in any region of the country.

  1. Office Administration

Faced with the same challenges as the Human Resources professionals, the office administration professionals also have to contend with the rapidly evolving employment structure. They have to adjust to the new channels, devices and support system.

As the service sector contributes to almost 80% of Canada’s economy, the role of the office administrators have continued to grow in importance.

There are about 1.8 million office & administration professionals during tasks like accounts payables, bilingualism, accounts receivables accounting and the accounting software. It take just a month to fill in these vacancies meaning that the pool is quiet large.

They have a demand pressure of 68% and hiring scale of 58%. This means that they are still more than the openings available. However, it could be noted that they are also highly mobile. Their average salary is $37,000.

  1. Sales and Marketing Industry

Sales and marketing team comprise people like the Sales Managers, Sales Representatives, Retail executives, Store Managers, Marketing executives, Business Development Managers, Marketing Coordinators, Production Manager, etc. Owing to predictive analysis, sales people and marketers are gaining popularity due to their in-depth comprehension of the market situations.

To drive growth, sales professionals are entrusted with propelling the business forward, therefore making them a hot career.

This sector with over 1.5 million professionals is very vibrant. There demand pressure is 30% and hiring scale in 52% signifying lack of adequate response to advertised positions in this field. However, they are still many and the employers have more flexibility in selecting who they want. The average salary for sale is $44,000 while that for marketer is $64,000.

  1. Information Technology

The technological changes are fast paced with new concepts like online retailing, mobile, the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual medicine, drone technology, Big Data, social marketing and the Cloud. This growing demand is fast outpacing the available supply, creating shortages of technology talent.

Moving at rocket speed, Canadian IT employers are keeping pace, offering massive opportunities to Java, Javascript, SQL, linear Quality Assurance (QA) professionals. With nearly half a million IT professionals in Canada, their remuneration is one of the highest at $75,000. There demand pressure is very low at 19% and the hiring scale is 57%.

Vacant postings taking longer to fill – or which are re-advertised again following the job ad’s expiration – indicate a significant shortage.