Seven Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree

Did you know that you can enjoy a successful and rewarding career without a college degree? A college degree isn’t for everyone, and the high tuition fees incurred to get through a college degree can be discouraging. Young adults are finding alternative ways to achieve success in careers without a college degree. Top business people have also disproved the myth that a degree is crucial to ensure a successful future. Companies like Ernst & Young and Google recruit their employees based on the contribution they can make to the company rather than on their qualifications.

Beyond college qualifications and a degree, talent, skills, and passion go a long way towards attaining a successful career. If you feel that a college degree isn’t affordable, isn’t for you, or are pursuing a degree that doesn’t relate to what you intend to do in the future, you don’t need to worry. First, identify the skills that you have, then nurture them through constant practice, courses, and mentoring. After honing your skills, you can pitch your capabilities to a company that best suits your skillset.

Here are some successful career paths that don’t require a degree:


Sales job

A career in sales typically involves selling a product or service to customers while providing them with any additional information they may need. The primary qualification for this position is the ability to communicate appropriately with customers. Most entry-level sales jobs do not require any experience and have the potential of creating a six-figure income. Once you are hired, most companies offer job training that involves listening and observing other experienced salespeople.

Ethical hacking

Ethical hacking involves exposing a software’s vulnerabilities that could potentially be used by a malicious hacker. This includes any threats and cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Ethical hacking skills can be acquired through a diploma and certification process that helps students get a better grip of their tasks.


A successful career in IT is dependent on a skill set rather than a four-year degree. Roles such as cybersecurity specialists, web/app developers, programmers, and data analysts only require a certification course that you can take online.


Healthcare is at the core of any nation’s prosperity. Most roles in a healthcare facility require highly qualified professionals. However, there are also many tasks in such facilities that do not require any qualifications. Positions such as nursing assistants, medical assistants, caregivers, medical billing are dominated by people with a passion for them rather than a degree. Employees consider skills such as compassion and patience for these positions.


Travel Agent

Travel agents are tasked with helping people plan, choose and arrange their holidays. Other than being a rewarding career path, traveling agents enjoy a lot of perks. The essential qualification for a travel agent job is a high school diploma. Travel agents mostly work remotely because they spend most of their time looking for great deals online. Even though this career path may mean starting your own business, it is best suited for people who enjoy traveling.


Freelancing may not require any qualifications, but it necessitates highly polished skills. Freelancing requires professionals proficient in tasks such as transcribing, graphic designing, content writing, and photography, among others which are in high demand.


The internet is filled with untapped resources and massive support for entrepreneurs. This has made it easy for young adults to start a budding career with a handful of ideas and creativity to fuel their passion.

The above career paths aren’t conclusive, but they are a great place to start when seeking to build a career without a degree. While some of these careers require only a short period to achieve, some may take longer. It is essential to determine your short-term and long-term goals and put the proper steps in place in order to better plan for your career.