Top 2020 Careers in Canada

Did you know that career advancement increases your motivation and productivity? Keep up with developments in the fields you desire to work in and unlock your career to levels that surpass your imagination. Whether you are employed, a business owner, you have little or much education, there is room for everyone to grow their career. 2020 still has a lot to smile about despite the Coronavirus pandemic. Below are a few of the top 10 fastest-growing career options you should consider if you want to make it big amidst the current challenges.

Solar Photovoltaic Installers

The fall in solar equipment prices has seen more investors dive into the industry for long-term gains; thus, the rapid growth in solar technology. With solar technology taking off so fast, the available photovoltaic installers are not enough to meet the ever-rising demand. Though the Coronavirus pandemic has caused a little interruption to the solar’s upward trajectory, there is still no cause for alarm as it will bounce back and thrive on for years to come. You don’t need so much education to be a successful solar photovoltaic installer— An on-the-job training is enough to guarantee you a median pay of $42,680 annually.

Wind Turbine Service Technicians

If you think that the sun is still the sole renewable energy source, then you are wrong. The development of wind turbine technologies and the consequent wind energy production has been flourishing for the last three decades. This ice-breaking expansion led to the creation of 120000 new jobs in 2019, most of which were turbine service technicians. The technicians aid in the setup and maintenance of the giant windmills-looking turbines scattered all over the countryside. For this career, the barrier to entry is relatively low.

Home Health and Personal Care Aides

They take care of the elderly, patients who are cognitive impaired, chronically ill, or any other condition that demands special care. This requires you to be available for the patients, usually at their homes. If you are passionate about providing special care, this is the path for you.

Occupational Therapy Assistants

As an occupational therapy assistant, you take your patients through therapeutic exercises, thus assisting them in learning and maintaining their ability to handle daily life activities. The primary focus is to support people who have been sick or injured regain their confidence and independence. You need a master’s degree to qualify, but a two-year program is an equal qualification, and the median salary is a little over $60000.

Physician Assistants

Physicians and doctors do pretty much the same things, and you can easily confuse the two. Physician assistants help doctors, and their work duties range from setting broken bones, giving vaccinations, and suturing an incision. Unlike doctors, however, physician assistants only need a master’s degree. If you are passionate about medicine, and would, you like to earn from it, get your master’s degree and polish your resume.

Nurse Practitioners

They are also known as advanced registered nurses (APRNs), and just like the physician assistants, they handle many things that the doctors do. Nurse practitioners tend to have many restrictions depending on the state in which they practice. They, however, can diagnose patients, prescribe medicine, and evaluate lab results. It requires a master’s degree just like a physician assistant, but nurse practitioners have a great outlook, and their median salary goes above the $100k mark.