Canada Immigration (Immigrating to Canada from abroad)

Canada Immigration: A Realistic Look at Immigration Canada

Immigration to Canada from the Philippines has become a trend. Many new college graduates do it. The economic factors present in the Philippines are the driving force. The large amount of students graduating is one of the reasons. Then, there is the high unemployment rate. Finally, there is the low pay in the professional fields. Filipinos are the 3rd largest group of individuals who immigrate to Canada. Not only college students are immigrating. Middle-class professionals are immigrating too. Some are immigrating to find temporary, higher-paying jobs. Others are Migrating to Canada permanently.

The Canadian government holds seminars for Canada Immigration. These seminars inform people of what to expect when they Immigrate. The seminars are held twice a week by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

A Realistic Look

The seminars given are to those who are approved for Canada Immigration. The realities of life in Canada are shown. The harsh realities of the extreme cold weather and inevitable culture shock are discussed. Leaving family and friends, & the impact this will have on many, is also discussed.

Another very important aspect is that immigrants are advises to bring survival money for 6 months. Getting settled in may take longer than expected, so they should be prepared for emergencies.

Gain Outweighs the Loss

The majority of migrants are more than ready to make the move. Canada has a more open policy for state-subsized schooling. These subsidies extend to skilled workers, and health care. Any intimidations brought up about qualifications not counting for as much in Canada are quickly dispersed in the migrant’s mind. This is considered a small price to pay in order to live in a country where there is new hope for a better quality of life.