How to Get Un-Stuck in Your Career?

When we first enter a career, it feels as though the possibilities are endless. Then, over time, the satisfaction we get from our career is not what it once was. If you feel like your career isn’t advancing as fast as you want, or you don’t get the same satisfaction from it, here are some suggestions on jump-starting a stalled career.

Go Back To School

Maybe not literally, but one of the best ways to get ahead at work is to build your skills. This can either be done by you teaching yourself through apps or going back to school. Speak with your manager about what skills they look for when granting promotions. Often, employers will pay for continuing education classes that benefit the company. You can take these courses at a local college, university, or online.

Ask To Receive:

In our work, we aren’t always given the opportunity to shine and we don’t show that we want to move ahead. We can’t simply wait around for an opportunity and your supervisor can’t read your mind to know what you want. Sometimes to jump-start your career, all you have to do is ask for opportunities to advance. Ask your supervisor for extra responsibilities or assignments, but make sure you those tasks and responsibilities aren’t beyond what you are able to do and will highlight your skills.

Don’t Wait For The Employee Evaluation:

Don’t wait for the yearly employee evaluation to roll around. Take the initiative to speak to your manager or supervisor about how they see your position evolving and what possibilities there are for advancement. Even if you come to realize that your job is at a dead-end, you will still have some choices to make. If there are advancement opportunities, inform your supervisor about how eager you are to move up and show that you are motivated to do so.


When you network with those who had been in in a similar job position as you are now, you can find out what opportunities exist and what they have done to move ahead. You can find new friends, resources, clients, or even a mentor to provide direction and help you develop your career. These people will bring new work opportunities to you which can take your career in a whole different direction or advance your career where you want to take it.


Maybe you don’t want to bring life back into your stalled career. Perhaps there is another path calling you that you would rather do. If that is the case, then it would not make sense to try to reignite your career. Before taking steps to either go back to school or talking with your supervisor for opportunities in which to advance, do some soul searching to see if you want to be in the career field you are in. If not, then find out what you want to do. You don’t even have to go back to school if you find an apprenticeship for a career that fits you.

There is no sense in staying in a job or career that is no longer satisfying to you. It might help to pay the bills, but there are notable impacts to staying in a career that is not satisfying. Take the steps today to get to a more satisfying career and you will be thankful you did.