How To Reach Canada to Find a Job?

Canada is the second largest country in the world and despite this fact, they continue to increase their jobs every year. There are approximately 33 million people who live in Canada. Within those 33 million are the immigrants that come to Canada to find work and interestingly, over half of the 33 million are immigrants of Canada. Canada allows around 300,000 new immigrants to come into their country per year. If you are one of these people who want to migrate to Canada here are some ways you can gain that access you desire.

Workin Holiday Visa (IEC)

This is given to those between the ages of 18 to 35 and allows you to enter the country without a job first. Though not required, it does allow you to apply to any job you want.

Work Permit

In order to have a work permit you must be a skilled worker. Meaning you must have a college education and you must have experience in your field. If you have this you can start applying to jobs in your field in Canada in hopes of the company hiring you.



Trade Agreement

This is where your company is from one country but has Canada’s permission to operate on their soil. If you work for that company than you can go to Canada to work.

Visitor Visa

This will allow a person to enter Canada for a short amount of time. Keep in mind if you are wanting to work you must also apply for a working permit.

The last three ways are by getting married to a Canadian citizen, have a student visa, or become a live-in caregiver in Canada through the Au-Pair program. By doing any of these things you can easily obtain a visa to enter Canada. So, why wait? Start today.