Meet Maria, A Youtube Superstar from the Philippines

Have you heard of the Canada Day celebration ? Did you know that they have their own National Anthem ? Well they do and on July 1 Canada Celebration Prince William and Kate Middleton went to attend. What they found that year was a Filipino Canadian, Maria Aragon, Singing “O Canada”, in both French and English !

This wasn’t her first time being in the spot light, though. Before this she sang for Lady Gaga at a concert preforming “Born this Way” in February 16, 2011. The Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, went all the way to Maria Aragon’s house to record and duet of Maria. Maria Aragon has also appeared on several things on TV including an American tv show being interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres, an HTC commercial and appeared as a guest start and several ABS CBN shows including a musical verity show, ASAP Rocks.

Wondering how this started for our amazing star, Maria Aragon ? Well, I have the info for you ! On Feb. 16, 2011 Maria’s sister posted a Youtube video of Maria preforming a cover of the hot artist, Lady Gaga. Originally, this was meant as a showcase of her talent for family and friends. Somewhere along the line Lady Gaga caught a glimpse at it. Believe it or not, Lady Gaga was in impressed with her work. So impressed in fact, that she retweeted her video. In that week alone Aragon’s video had already reached 11 million views and at July 12, 2011 she reached 33.5 million views ! I wish my videos could even get 100 views. Where’s Lady Gaga at ?


Maria was interviews by HOT 103 in Winnipeg when Lady Gaga herself called in to exclaim how the performance touched her. At that moment Lady gaga then invited the shocked Maria to come preform with her in The Monster Ball Tour to sing “Born This Way” In Toronto, Canada. On March 3, 2011, Maria went to join Lady Gaga at the the Air Canada Centre. this is where they preformed and acoustic duet of “Born This Way”. They preformed this duet while Maria sat on Lady Gaga’s lap playing the piano whilst Gaga pumped the pedals. Aragon later joined Lady Gaga again for Final version of “Born This Way”. They Astonished the crowed both times !

Preforming “Born This Way” has got Maria Aragon very far ! Ellen DeGeneres eventually invited Maria after a series of emails and petitions requesting for her to appear on the Talk Show Host’s show. There she preformed the song “Born This Way” again along with the piano on Feb 21, 2011. A mere month later on March 19, 2011, the Prime Minister herself, Stephen Harper, in her home ! They Maria and Harper also preformed John Lennon’s song “Imagine”. Which turned out to sound like a mater piece.

She also did several other things such as appear in a commercial of HTC preforming “Wavin’ Flag”, the K’naan song and preformed at the 2011 Canada Day duringCanada’s royal tour. She also, on July 20, 2011, she signed a contract with Star records in the Philippines who are the same people who signed Charice. From a simple cover she joined the ladder of famous Filipino singers. As you can see Maria has big things coming for her.