Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) | How to Apply

Big changes are coming in the way Canada Immigrations processes their Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) applications. A new tool will allow online application completion and submission with a different document checklist. Below are some important concepts regarding the changes to the program and what the program is for those who do not already know.


What is the Quebec Skilled Worker Program?

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program or the QSWP as it is commonly referred to as is a program that awards points for immigrants in areas such as training, and other factors. Those immigrants who wish to bring a spouse or common law partner with them require a higher point basis to come into Canada. The points are based on the current markets needs for carious fields of business and have a cap of 6,500 applicants. Filling the positions is rarely a problem and those with an offer of employment are generally moved to the top of the list. It is a way for those with advanced knowledge and wishing to migrate to Canada to do so in an easier and more efficient manner.

What is the Purpose of the New Tool?

The introduction of the new online tool will allow the streaming and processing of the application in more efficient and effective way. Applicants should experience faster response times and have their applicants diverted to the right processing department such as the computer hiring versus accounting. The online system will be able to quickly identify missing information and should be able to automatically alert applicants of the need for such information. Overall, the online system should be able to almost run over half of the process by itself.


When Are the Changes Taking Effect?

  • October 1st 2015 Online Tool Availability
  • Unannounced Next Period for Receipt of Applications
  • Immediately Changes to the Document Checklist
  • Recently Discovered by CIC News 6,300 Spaces for Next Application Cycle

What Does This Mean To The Skill Immigrant Workers?


Canada-Quebec-Skilled-Worker-ProgramThe changes to the program sheds a positive light on the industry and the program for the immigrants. The changes and leniency in the document section alone allows applicant to concentrate on the more import aspects of the skills, degrees and legal status documents that will keep them where they want to be. These changes will also apply to all applications that are currently in the system where no decision has been made with some exclusions and exceptions.


Overall, the immigrants and representatives for the immigrants have expressed a sign of relief and acknowledge that they have been heard. It appears to be a positive and across the board success by both the immigrants and the government. Perhaps, it is a clear sign of speaking and being heard rather than roaring and being ignoring because you cannot be understood.