Tips for Canadian job seeker

Although Canada is one of the world’s greatest economic powers, with the employment rate of over 85%, there are still many native Canadians without a job. Usually, the Canadian job seekers are students who have just graduated from a university or people who have recently been fired, which is a rare case in Canada.

We know that job seeking can be tough even in the Canada state which is abundant with available job positions. But, you, as a Canadian job seeker need to know that it is not hard to find a job in Canada when you do it according to the job seeking tips.

With our tips we will provide you in the further text, you will probably hear the most beautiful sentence you can hear in Canada. The most beautiful sentence a Canadian job seeker can hear is „You’re hired.“ This sentence means you have got your first job in Canada if you are a student who had recently graduated, or you’ve got a new and better job if you were fired.

When you get a job, that means you are not anymore dependant on your parents or your spouse’s job, and you can do whatever you want with your money.

If you want to get employed in a fast manner in Canada, here are the seven tips for a Canadian job seeker:

  1. Self-assessment

Before you go on a job hunt, dear Canadian, think a little about yourself. Evaluate yourself. You need to do something that is called in psychology self-assessment. What it means is that you have to take some time and think about what are your qualities, what are your weaknesses, where are you good at, and where you aren’t good at.

Self-assesment is crucial because on almost every job interview in Canada you will be provided with self-assessment questions or self-assessment tests. It is better to know your strengths and weaknesses before a job interview than to think about them during a stressful interview for a job.


You are more likely to get employed by an employer who concludes that you know your values and how can you contribute your possible employer’s business.

  1. Research

Not any job will fall from the sky for you. You need to heat your chair and start researching the job market. We advise you to search for jobs online, in the jobs ads in your local newspaper, to ask people do they know about if there are job positions available in your city.

You need to do a deep research of jobs available. When you find jobs that suit your education, you even need to research those jobs. What you need to do about possible jobs you have found in ads is to see are you capable of doing those jobs, are you properly educated for them, etc.

  1. Resumes

Did you know that a bad-written resume can make your job offer be declined? What is essential to do in the process of the job seeking is to write not just one, but several good CV’s (resumes), also known as curriculum vitae. If you think of yourself unable to write a proper CV, then find a friend or a professional to write you your resume. Your resume has to tell all the best about you, but all of the aspects of a resume must be true.


  1. Be organized

In the process of job seeking, you can’t run on all sides searching for a job. Get organized. Make a weekly plan from which resources you will seek the job. For example, make Friday your online job seeking day, who knows, maybe that job offer you’ve found on Friday might be your future job, and you will consider Fridays as your lucky days.

  1. Informational Interviews

Do you have friends which are older than you and have an education same as you, but they are employed, and you are not? If you have friends that have jobs in the career for which you were educated in, then you should call your friends and make a series of informational interviews with them.

Of course, these interviews are not done in an office or  a secluded room, it is just a normal conversation where you would be provided with pieces of information vital to your job seeking.

During an informational interview with your employed friends, ask them how did they search for a job, for how long, what did they career beginnings look like, etc. An informational interview is a great insight, and you should conduct one or a series of interviews with your friends.

  1. Don’t search for job alone

You are not alone in job seeking. You are not the only one frustrated with having no job. Searching for a job alone in your room can make you depressed and angry. Instead of being depressed, call a friend who also is on the job hunt, make for the two of you something to eat or make coffee and go on a job hunt together.

  1. Start your company

If none of the tips you have read here and elsewhere didn’t help you find a job, consider starting up your company. If you have some spare cash to invest in the enterprise of yours, then do it, start your business.


Although working for others earns you a lot of cash and makes you more and more ambitious to grow in a company, it is better to be your own boss, decide how big your salary will be, than to depend on others.

Why would you need to listen to the commands of your boring boss, when you can be a boss too? To become a boss, you need to start your company and first, make baby steps with your company. You can either be the only one employed at your company, meaning you are the manager, the director, the CEO, the janitor and everything at your company, or you can employ your friends.

Most of the millionaires today were self-made millionaires who made their first million few years after starting their companies and not working for others.