Ways to Secure a Job without Leaving Your House

We are all living in unprecedented times when businesses, companies, and even governments all over the world are forced to face unexpected economic, social, and political challenges. As of the April ninth, over 6.6 million Americans had filled for unemployed. It’s not hard to imagine how hard it is for anyone to secure a job during these crazy times. Chances are if you are busy sending your CVs and cover letters to potential employers; you are helping (or at least provide moral support to) a close family or friend do the same. Even expects in professionals that seem to offer job security are now busy hunting for available opportunities

As we are busy hunting for new roles, we keep asking ourselves; it is possible to secure an interview, go through the recruitment process, and win a vacancy without ever leaving your home? Luckily, we are in the 21st century, where most of the things can be achieved through a push of a button. Key in some characters and press “enter,” and you are in control of a machine or system miles away. So don’t give up hope of looking for a job from your home. Who knows, you might find one that will only need you to have a computer, internet connection, and source of power—and work from the comfort of your home.

Though offices might be empty, companies are still producing; this pandemic might have even created new job opportunities, especially in the profession of people who knows their ways around a computer. While hunting and landing a new job may be a new concept to many people, we are here to help you navigate the digit job search with ease and confidence in securing one.

Where to Find Opportunities That Match Your Qualification and Skills-Set

There exist online job boards where employers and recruiting agencies post jobs for various professionals. Go through the general board and see if there is an opportunity and meet your needs, if not look further in the specialized sites. That’s not the end of online job search, there are professional social platforms such as LinkedIn, create an account, update your skills, experience, and any relevant information that may be of interest to a potential employer. Look for people you know in those social networks and reach out. Ask for professional endorsement and recommendation, you never know, somebody within the network may be looking for someone who matches your qualifications.

Send Your Application to Agencies

There are firms that have specialized in linking job seekers to potential employees. Do not hesitate to use their services. Some forms, such as Robert Half, will connect you to job opportunities under uncommon circumstances. With the help of such staffing agencies, your job search will be significantly narrowed down, and you stand a chance of securing a job within your immediate neighborhood. Remember, they have close connections to local managers, and they are the first people to receive information about job openings in your area. Also, they can directly recommend you to an employer, thereby standing a high chance of getting that dream job.

What to Do During the Phone Call

You’ve probably done a few phone calls with your past employer, but this is a bit different. Previously, the phone call came before meeting the recruiter, with this one, you are probably going to conduct the entire evaluation process in a single call. So take it with the seriousness it deserves. Dress up just like you could have done if you were to meet your recruiter. Find a quiet place (free of any form of distraction) 30 minutes prior to the call. You don’t want to keep yelling and apologizing due to the background noises. Find someplace where you can speak up in a calm and collected manner and have a professional conversation with your potential employer.

That said, you need to well prepared. Make sure you have notes, a CV, and anything that may help you answer any question regarding your work experience, qualifications, and skills.

When on a video call, treat the scenario as if it was a one-on-one meeting. Dress for the occasion, find a quiet spot with a presentable background, and speak clearly with confidence. As part of the preparation, makes sure your device is well charged and us an internet source that is not likely going to act up. Just like an ordinary interview, join the chat room early and wait for your interviewer.

After Securing the Job

While doing your job remotely, be sure to be in touch with your superiors and colleagues at all times. Make sure you have a tech guy to set up a work station with secure and stable communication equipment. Joins collaboration tools and platforms such as slack and make sure you actively participate in all work-related conversations. The secret is to maintain professionalism and open communication with as many colleagues as you can