Web-Based Interviews Are On A Significant Rise

Web-based interviews are on a significant rise, making it more important for candidates to master the skills of video interviews online.

These days, companies are embracing technology to fill their hiring and recruiting processes and rightly so. Video interviews are faster than the traditional methods, ultimately speeding up the whole hiring process.

Although preparation is critical for all job interviews, video interviews require a slightly different approach.

So, how do you ace your first virtual interview?

Here are the six steps to success:

Practice Makes Perfect

First, you should relax. Take this interview like any other face-to-face interview and practice the questions before the actual meeting.

When practicing with a friend or a family member, wear your interview outfit, and ask for their honest opinion. If the meeting will take place at your home, make sure to choose a quiet area with enough lighting beforehand.

Also, remember to check for any echo in the area you pick.

Test out Your Set-up

Nothing is more disappointing than taking a break during the interview to fix your device, which you did not set up correctly.

If you are using a laptop or a tablet, make sure the device is fully charged and connecting to the internet entirely. You should also test out your internet connecting again 15 minutes before your interview to make sure the internet is reliable.

You should use a device with a bigger screen during online interviews. Phones and small appliances should be out of the picture in this case.

Other things to consider include:

  • Your username or profile picture
  • Documents needed
  • And headphones, if any.

Clear Unnecessary Distractions

The microphones on your device are sensitive and are likely to pick up any sound from the background.

If you are interviewing at home, make sure you are away from unnecessary noise like kids playing or your dog barking.

Also, make sure to turn the notification sounds to the messages coming to your device. This will reduce distractions during the interview.

Lastly, make the room you choose is clean and clear of clutter. If possible, choose an area with a clean plain background.

Dress for the occasion

Many people tend to only dress from the waist up during interviews. However, while it may sometimes work, this is not a good idea.

You should dress as if you were doing a face-to-face interview and dress well from head to toe.

One more thing.

Avoid flashy colors. Choose an option that gives you a sense of comfort and confidence during the interview.

Keep Your Focus

Eye contact is crucial for any meeting. Make sure you keep constant eye contact with whoever is interviewing you.

In the case of an online interview, look at the camera of your device and not the screen to make eye contact.

Ensure that your face is also at a reasonable distance from the camera to make sure the interviewer sees you well.

Away from the face, you should also ensure that you maintain a good posture during the interview. Slouching might give off a wrong first impression.

Lastly, if the screen seems to lag, your hand gestures may experience delay. Make sure to position your hands on your lap for as much time as you can.

Prepare Questions

When interviewing, you want to come off as interested in the position. Questions are an excellent way to show your interviewer that you are interested and want to know more about the company and the opportunity.

In this regard, it is essential to ask as many questions as possible. You can prepare a list of things you want to ask before the actual interview.

Another good idea is to keep a notebook near to write down the answers.

By doing this, you come off as excited and interested in the company’s culture and your position and ultimately end on a good note.