Why Canadian Employers Prefer to Hire Jamaicans

Companies in the westernized world are consistently searching for reliable and hardworking foreign workers to fill positions within their companies. Jamaicans have been a long sought after people when it comes to filling these positions due to their fantastic and desirable qualities.

Jamaicans are a culture taught to value hard work. When provided with an opportunity, Jamaicans are humble, grateful and dedicated to delivering a high quality of work. Jamaicans are a reliable culture, who are punctual, dedicated and loyal. They adapt easily to new work environments and arrive to their new positions well trained and knowledgeable of the field in which they are working.

In addition to their incredible work values, Jamaicans are a culture who are both friendly and easy to get along with. Rarely do Jamaicans cause trouble, and they are typically are able to maintain healthy and positive relationships with family, friends and coworkers.


Most Jamaicans are able to speak English fluently, making the transition to living and working within Canada or the United States simple for both the worker and the employer. Most Jamaicans who are unable to speak English fluently are able to learn the language quickly and with minimal effort.

Because of these highly desirable traits, Jamaicans are one of the most sought after cultures in North America when it comes to hiring foreign workers.